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Hello doctor Goldstein, I'm 22 years old and I injured the ligaments at the base of my penis 2 and a half months ago but have improved a lot since then. My question has to do with the therapy involved to make sure the ligament heals in the strongest possible manner.

In other ligament injuries such as the ankle, doctors recommend you exercise it to help the remodeling of the scar tissue with the other ligament fibers. I have read that this remodeling phase begins at 6 weeks and lasts up to a year.

As I am now in the remodeling phase at 2.5 months, should I be trying to get erections daily for a certain amount of time to help strengthen the ligament, or does it matter? I want to make sure that the ligament heals fully with all the strength that it had pre-injury. Thank you so much for your input Dr. Goldstein.

Chad, there is no therapy or exercise that I know of (or can find in researching this problem) that will help in hastening the healing process.  I can find no reference in the urologic literature regarding "remodeling" with respect to injuries of this ligament.  Most such tears are partial and heal on their own by the formation of scar tissue.  More severe complete disruptions of the ligament, may require surgical repair which merely involves suturing the ligament back to the pubic bone.  The ligament helps to maintain the position of the penis while in the erect state.   Interestingly, surgical incision of this ligament has been used in men in an attempt to lengthen the penis.  Generally, however, only about 1.5-2.0 cm. of length is gained and only 1/3 of men who undergo this procedure are satisfied.  

As far as erections are concerned, I do not believe the healing process will be significantly affected by the frequency or durations of erections.  As you are now 2.5 months post-injury, I believe it is safe to have normal sexual activity (masturbation and/or intercourse) but would caution against over-vigorous activity so as to avoid re-injury.  The use of a good quality sexual lubricant (such as one of the "silk" lubricants) will help reduce the likelihood of repeat trauma.  Good luck.


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