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I've been dealing with a loss of sensation on the left side on my genital area for over 2 years now. It began after a twisting motion of the penis while hard. There was no pain initially and within the days following only a slight pain when the area at the base of the penis was pressed on. The pain subsided within a few days. Though I was working out with very heavy weights and I believe its a possibility that may have caused the sensation loss. Though of this I am unsure. The area affected includes the left side of the head and shaft of the penis, scrotum, perineum, anus, and inner thigh. There also seems to be a small though noticeable loss of sensation from about mid chest/back down my leg. There is also a pain in my lower back around the sacroiliac joint and a feeling of muscle imbalance from left to right which began within days of the sensation loss. All of this is strictly on the left side. Other issues I'm having with the penis are trouble getting erect along with maintaining the erection, a curve to the left (left side not filling up correctly), when erect the penis is twisted to the left, the left side seems abnormally tight(ligaments?), severe loss of sensation during orgasm, loss of sex drive,

About 2 years after the fact I saw a doctor about this. I was told that I may have damaged my pudendal nerve. He sent me off to a urologist which has a waiting list of a least a year. So any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information I would be glad to offer it. Thanks.


There may be some pudendal nerve damage, but I doubt you caused all this trouble with some twisting of the penis.  There could be some other problem involving the lower back or spine and I suggest you see a neurologist as well.  Loss of sex drive can be due to prostatitis, decreased testosterone levels or depression.  Your regular physician can begin to look into these areas.  


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