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Hi, I am 52 now, aprox 2-1/2yrs ago whilst having intercourse, me laying on my back my partner sitting on me facing my feet, on orgasm I felt very sharp pain about 4-inches up from my penis & just off to my left side, lasted about 5-10seconds and subsided, however ever since that event I a) have a tender left testicle with infrequent sharp localized pain in the 4-inches up area, lasts around the 10second mark, b)on orgasm my ejaculate oozes out instead of squirting out & is a lot thicker like jelly sometimes and not always of white consistency, sometimes is a yellowish color c)for a week after orgasm I have noticed an odor best described like that of stale ejaculate emanating mostly from my groin area d)my sex drive has dropped from 100% to about 25% and I have a lot of trouble sustaining an erection for or during sex, this was NEVER a problem before, EVER. Also since the initial incident 2-1/2yrs ago I am having recurrence of deep skin infections on my upper thighs and groin area (boils & the like). My personal feelings on this are I may have a perforated or torn: Vas Deferens, Seminal Vesicle, Cowper's Gland, Urethra, or Ductus Deferens. I might add sheepishly that my partner & I experimented with anal stimulation 6mths prior to the initial incident. I have been to a Urologist who would not even consider any of these causes for, he did however gave me an ultra sound for excess fluid in abdominal area but as I had not had any sex for weeks prior to this its report of negative was neither here nor there, It is very difficult for me to meet &/or indulge in sexual activities now with all this going on, especially if I smell bad. Due to the nature of my problem am having a lot of trouble being able to converse with my GP about any of it, can you help?


It is extremely unlikely that you tore any of the organs you mentioned and if you did they would not cause the myriad of symptoms you now experience.  A pain in the penis may indicate some bruising or injury but cannot cause all of your current problems such as odor.

Pain in the testicle can be checked with an ultrasound.  Decreased erections can be treated with Viagra or similar therapies.  I cannot explain the odor you've described and I cannot think of any known mechanism that would allow stale ejaculate to permeate to that area.

My best advice is to talk to your GP and have him help you sort out the problems one by one so they can be dealt with.


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