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Urology/non curing prostate + wbc after 3-4 months


am hi doctor am Georges am 49 years
at 6-9 -2012 i had fever and pain and .. and i had a urine analyze and there was infection (urine was not cultured there was a mistake in the hospital) doctor prescribe to me zitromax  (2pills) +  suprax400 i knew later that it works on both side low and down urinary system but did not feel so good i saw an urologue after a few question he advices to take goxine for about few weeks (i do not remember realy for how many ) then he told me to stop medication because i felt some how good,  after 10 days i had fever again i had cultured urine after prostate massage there was an infection klebsella so he prescribe to me zinnet for 20 days (for prostatite bacterial) after i had many exam echographie abdomino pelvienne for prostate it was 45g + a very high level of psa 18.4 i took tavanic for about 6 weeks and in these times i had many psa test it goes down to 10 then 9 then 8 then 7 ,34 in 13-12 - 2012 and free psa is 0.86 and free to total is 0.12
so after more than a month and a half of taking tavanic doctor says that psa is going down very slowly he wanted to get it down more quickly ..suspecting a cancer he asked me to do a transrectal echographie for prostate the result was no specific lesion (+ PROSTATE 15 G + one or two micro calcification in the middel zone of the left ) so i did another massage prostate plus urine culture result was a non bacterial infection plus wbc 50-60 so he prescribed to me vibramycin twice a daily after 12 daus i did another prostate massage then urine analyze the result was again infection wbc was 40-50
that was yesterday....
doctor was very confused he told i did all what can be done u r a unique patient ...and he asked me to stop all medication (antibiotic) and to just continue takin zinc vitamines ... and he says stop medication for about ten days let us see what will happen ..if the bacterie will show itself without antibiotic ...
confused by this option...i do not know what to it cancer (doctor there is no sign specialy when using his finger ....he has 20 years of experience) the sign for cancer is the high psa
is it a very difficult to do how to be cured ... am thinking about changing my doctor to see an infectiologue specialist
n b. i feel no pain ...i have ne fever while i took medicament there is nothing at disturbing just a very very little discomfort when i del a long time (now) and since yestrday till now i feel for the first time someething disturbing right down something like very little pain inside and there is brulure or hot urine

plzzzzz i need ur help....what do u advise me

thnks a lot


It sounds like you have a chronic bacterial prostatitis. This is not uncommon after a bad urinary infection in men.  Taking a brief period off in order to get a better culture is reasonable, but you already have cultures so we pretty much know the name of the bacteria and its sensitivitieis.  

The duration of your treatments has been relatively short; we typically treat men with similar conditions for a minimum of 6 weeks and possibly longer.  I suggest you get a second urology opinion from a university medical center urologist if one is available to you.


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