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Hello  doctor, thank you for your time, about 5 years ago I put a tight band on my penis while I had sex, after I ejaculated , and took the band off I was really sore, then the next day I noticed I lost sensation on my penis and didn't get morning wood any more, this went on like this for about a month then I healed, but aftet that also my erections were alot more stiff then before or stronger but,noticed after that my penis seems to get injured easely now .., after I do penis enlargement excercises such as jelquing I get re injured then I have to wait a couple weeks to heal again, could it be i never gave my penis a complete chance to completely heal and recover the first time I injured it?

Thank you

Eddie, you have to learn to "listen to your body" better.  Your penis is telling you that it does not like (and apparently does not tolerate) either the "tight band" or the jelquing technique.  I strongly suggest that you stop both of these activities before you do permanent damage to your penis.  To follow, are comments about some of the penile enhancement techniques that I have previously made.

On the internet there are many questionable medically substantiated claims of improving penile size & performance by a variety of techniques and gadgets.  This would include stretching, vacuum erection devices, massage, jelqing, andropenis, penis extenders, etc.   These techniques may over time add perhaps at most 2 cm. (less than one inch) of penile length.   However, I have received many reports on this site of complications such as erectile difficulty, burning and numbness of the penile tissues (due to damage to penile sensory nerves),  bruising, swelling & local discomfort from such practices, especially from jelquing.  In addition, there are many anecdotal reports of venous leak occurring in individuals who jelq, especially if done with an erect penis.  Therefore, if one decides to jelq, it should only be done in the flaccid state.   These side effects are due to penile injury & in most instances clear on their own as long as the  technique is discontinued.  However, resolution may take just a few days for bruising but months for the numbness (up to one year).   However, if a  venous leak occurs it may not be reversible

“Normal” penile size is a common question.  The majority of men believe they were "short-changed".   When looking down at one’s penis from above, because of the perspective, the phallus appear shorter than it’s true size.  The average flaccid penis is 3.5-4 inches long, when stretched 4.5-5 inches and erect 5-6 inches in length. The average circumference flaccid is 3.5-4 inches and when erect 4.5-5 inches.  These statistics apply to 95% of men.   Interestingly, there is no direct correlation between the size of the flaccid and erect penis.

My best advise for men is to learn how to use what you were naturally endowed with to the maximum.  There are many excellent books available on how to become a terrific lover almost regardless of penile size.  Good luck.


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