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Hello again,
 I'm really sorry to bother you once again but I think I'm gonna go crazy.I promise this will be my last question.
Last time I told you my fiancee masturbated right after what happened , but I hadn't notice that the time factor would influence your answer .
So actually she masturbated like 24 hours later and not an hour later, but she still hadn't cleaned up her nose or taken a shower in between.Do you think this is a safe margin of time or can sperm still survive in the nasal mucous inside the nasal cavity for 24 hours?I mean is nasal mucous like cervical mucous ?because in this case im in deep s***.
   Thanks Doc

John, I can appreciate your concern.  Unfortunately, because of the unusual nature of your case, I am not able to find any data on the internet relating to survival of sperm in  the nasal cavity.  My guess is that it is less than in the vagina because of the passage of air into the nose which periodically would dry the mucosa out.  In addition, the volume of semen in your friend's nose is presumably less than if ejaculated into the vagina.  Although mucosa is mucosa, the volume of semen and drying effect of air as well as a more constant temperature in the vagina as opposed to the nose makes sperm survival less likely.  However, there is no way to be 100% sure that you are safe.  Hence, my recommendation for the morning after pill.  Good luck.


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