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Hello Mr. Goldstein,
 I am a 28 year old male from North Dakota.
Last night my girlfriend gave me oral sex and I ejaculated in her nasal cavity for fun.She didn't clean it up at all.
About an hour later ,while she was masturbating
(fully inserting her fingers in her vagina) ,she started scratching the inside of her nose because she said it was burning her so she ended up having big quantities of liquid watery nasal mucus on her fingers. At the same time she was using those same fingers to masturbate.She actually did this several times.
     So whats worrying me now is that she could get pregnant from
sperm that would have been able to survive in the nasal mucous inside her nasal cavity.Can she get pregnant this way?(btw we did not have coitus because she is in her fertile days,so it was just oral,and she did wash her hands before fingering herself but she forgot to clean her nose.)

John, it is indeed possible for your girlfriend to get pregnant from transporting recently ejaculated semen (one hour later) into her vagina with her fingers.  How long sperm survive after ejaculation depends on their environment.  Sperm in the vagina can live up to 5 days.  Sperm ejaculated outside of a body can live anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.  I can find no medical reference to sperm survival inside the nasal cavity but I suspect that the warm nasal mucosa would protect their viability for at least several hours.  I suggest you girlfriend consider the "morning after pill" especially as she is in her fertile period.  Good luck.


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