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i'm a 19 year old male. I had woke up one day not being able to pee at all. I went to the ER as the day progressed and only drips would come out and nothing more. As i went to the ER they tried to put a catheter in about 4 times but weren't able too get it in all the way in to where they wanted so i was transferred to get a supra pubic catheter. The bag would fill up and everything seemed fine till one day the bag fell , i had it for about 2 weeks. The stitching/lil tube fell and caused the catheter to fall out so i rushed back to the hospital so they could put it back in. A doctor tried and i felt a weird sensation in my penis a very uncomfortable one. The whole had closed and he said he wanted to put one through the penis and i said no way i didn't want any part in it. Since i had told him while having the suprapubic catheter in i was able to pee from my penis at times he said try to pee from your penis to see if you can then. I was able too after drinking water. Came back home and now i'm able to pee but it doesn't feel the same as the urge used too when i had to pee. I'm able to pee though. I've masturbated a good amount of times since i've had the catheter out because of being curious. My sperm discharge is not a massive amount but sperm does come out. Thing is back a while ago before this happen and i would masturbate i would hold in my sperm if i could to not make mess. I've read on Retrograde ejaculation and i hope i don't have this. Could you please let me know how this could happen to someone before any type of surgery is done on them. Like i said i still discharge sperm. Sometimes when i pee i do feel i empty out the rest though that remains. A urologist is going to see me to stick a camera into my penis and see my bladder etc. I just want to know from what I've said does this sound serious or like a possible case of having Retrograde ejaculation?


You have an unusual and complicated problem that has yet to be diagnosed.  As such, I can't determine the exact nature of your disorder.  It may ahve started as a prostate infection and then progressed to something else and may have been exacerbated by the failed attempts at passing the catheter.

We dont' usually recommend trying not to ejaculate as it can cause reflux or chemical prostatitis, but it does not cause retrograde ejaculation.

You should have seen a urologist before now.  It will take a specialist to sort this out for you.


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