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Urology/Skin growth on penis (virgin)


QUESTION: i am 21 and i have a flat growth( about the size of pinky fingernail) on my penis for about 2 and half years. it has some dark spots in it, it does not bleed or hurt, there is no discharge but i feel pinching sensation in it and also at another place on my penis but that area does not have any growth. i am a virgin and have never done sex even oral.

ANSWER: Ahmad:

Obvioiusly I can't give you a definitive diagnosis and you should check with your regular physician.  I suspect you may have a wart.  If so, these are easily treated and are usually caused by viruses.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your answer
i just have to add a few things i have never done sex, is it possible to have warts without sex?
the growth is not painful or solid , it feels like skin also its a little raised but not like a dome shaped also the growth has some black dots in it

also i feel that pinching sensation and discomfort when i wear tight underwear and that feeling usually goes away within a few seconds and sometimes i dont feel any thing for days but tight under garments usually makes it more.
also if use soap on penis i sometimes feel burning sensation inside the penis near the tip, afterwards for a few days. that is why i usually clean it with water
and the same feeling in another part of skin on penis but at that spot no such growth any idea what could cause that?
Also i went to see a doctor one year ago and he said its a cyst and told me to use fucicort cream for 2 weeks but its still there  :(
i am also having  a varicose vein inside the skin near head of penis on the shaft at the right side an inch away from the growth .
for the past few months i usually dont get a proper erection in that side. the left side is more erected compared to right from tip till mid


Anything in medicine is possible but it would be unlikely to be warts with some level of sexual contact.  Soap can be irritating to the tip.  The varicose vein is probaby unrelated to any erection issue.  I suggest you talk to your regular physician or consult a urologist.


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