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My father (90 years old) just returned from his urolodist with paper work that diagnosed him with "596 BNO" and 599.71 Gross Hematuria.  Please explain what these mean.  Thanks.

Rick O'Steen

Rick, 596 BNO is the ICD code for "other disorders of the bladder".  This is a non-specific code which can apply to any number of bladder disorders.  The code 599.71 is the ICD code for "gross hematuria".  The latter means that the urine passed by your father was obviously bloody (as opposed to microscopic hematuria where blood is seen in the urine only under the microscope.   There are any number of diseases of the urinary tract that could be represented by these codes.   I suggest that you talk to his urologist about what is going on.  If I can be of further help, let me know.  Good luck.


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