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hello sir,hope you can help.
three months ago i stretched my flaccid penis out with my foreskin withdrawn , with my fingers around the glans ,i pulled it out for about  20 seconds twice. think i have hurt myself i stretched it out twice for about 25 seconds ,had no pain while i had the stretch.i think i may have hurt my penis because straight away it shriveld up.over the next few days my flaccid penis stayed hard and week after, i had a tingiling sensation on my penis head which lasted all day.i decided to lay of masurbation and rest my penis.i have been taking a multi vitamin and mineral,500mg arginina, 240mg ginko and panex ginseng.also the day
i masurbated after 2 months i became erect but my erection feels weak, and my foreskin \ frenulum seems to have become longer and gose further down behind the glans ,and since the stretching my flaccid penis feels light.i wake up with erections if not a 100percent.when i masturbate now, my shaft has less sensation even my glans which was sensative has less sensativety.
do i have nerve damage?
will my flaccid penis return to normal size?
was the tingiling a  week after the stretch nerve damage?
will the sensation in my penis return?
is it normal that my forskin has lenghened.
thank you
kind regards marco

Marco, it is nearly impossible to do any permanent damage to the penis as you described the injury.  I suspect you bruised the sensory nerves of the penis which caused the "tingling" and changes you have noted.  This invariably heals on its own over time.  However, nerve injuries heal very slowly and may take several months to a year to fully recover.  In the meantime, it is okay to have sexual activity but it is very important not to do any further damage.  Therefore, I suggest that your sex life be not over vigorous (ie: not too rough) and that you use a good lubricant, such as one of the "silk" lubricants.  Likewise you penis which probably suffered some mild bruising of the erectile bodies will become totally normal also.  The foreskin may or may not shrink to it's former state but this is of no clinical significance.  The herbal remedies you are taking ill not hasten the recovery process.  Keep the faith!  All will be normal over time.  Good luck.


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