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The liver of normal size but reveals alternating areas of fatty infiltration & sparing but no definite focal lesion seen.Possible treatment for this?

Gall bladder partially distended with 3.5 mm sized echogenic polyp along its wall.Possible treatment for this?

Kidneys of normal size, focal renal cortical scarring in the interpolar region of left kidney.Any treatment for this

Mildly enlarged prostate of measure 4*3.5*5.1 cm (weight 37.7 gm)--Any medicine for this?

Pramod, the first 2 parts of your question are unrelated to my field of expertise.  You should send this to a gastroenterologist.  

As far as the US of the kidneys is concerned, the focal area of scarring in the left kidney is non-specific and could be due to an old injury, infection or something you were born with (congenital).  It does not necessarily imply active disease.  I suggest your doctor do a urinalysis and serum creatinine (a test to determine if waste products are being removed from your blood properly by the kidneys).  If these are normal, you have no cause for concern and no treatment is necessary.

Mild enlargement of the prostate is normal in men over age 40.  It also requires no treatment unless you have urinary symptoms.  Good luck.


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