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Urology/Lost erections and libido suddenly


QUESTION: Hello, and thank you in advance.

My problem :

Over the past two months my libido has been through the roof, every woman I looked at was leading to stimulation and my erections were slightly larger and harder than ever. I was masturbating about 5-6 times a week, well last weekend I had sex while intoxicated, after a few minutes I lost my erection and this did not concern me because I contributed it to the alcohol.'s been 8 days and I haven't had any spontaneous erections and I have zero sex drive, It's like it died in my suddenly. On two seperate mornings I got hard morning wood, but other than that no erctions. My testicles were also a little sore, but the problem has been that I have no stimulating feelings sexually as far as mentally or physically and I'd like to know what could potentially be wrong and what steps can be taken to restore my erections...

Thank you sir

ANSWER: Daniel:

What you describe is almost certainly psychological in nature.  I would suggest you contact your personal physician for advice.  Sometimes we just wait; sometimes we may use an aid like Viagra or consult a mental health professional for help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I forgot to mention that prior to having sex last week I had been masturbating to PORN 5-6 times a week for about a month, could this potentially be the cause of weak or no erectile ability now? I haven't masturbated in a week and I am done watching porn. Is it possible the visual stimuli has contributed to ED or that the amount of masturbation has, and do patients usually recover from issues related to these things?

That's my last question sir

ANSWER: Daniel:

The additional information does not change my previous conclusion that the problem is most likely psychological.  Visual stimulation does not usually contribute to ED even when done to excess.  People usually do recover, but if it persists you should seek medical help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Stephen, I come back to exhaust this last question to you only because of the importance. My ED is of no concern as my erections have returned. I saw my GP on Monday after several other symptoms popped up. These symptoms are still ongoing, I am currently taking antibiotics for 10 days..I'm 3 days in.

Difficulty starting stream
Dribbling after stream stops
Feeling the need to urinate but I can't
Waking up 3-4 times at night to urinate
My ejaculations just drip out and they kind of "sting" and burn
And worst of all...very sore testicles all the time. They are swollen too.
This all happened at random.

My doctor told me this probably wasnt prostatitis and tested me for STDS, however I know I do not have an STD. Do these symptoms reflect those of patients with non-bacterial prostatitis? I'm only 20 years old and i fear that if this is chronic prostatitis I will be stuck with these symptoms for life, they are very discomforting and this is the first time I've encountered them in my life. I've cut out any alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, and otherwise unhealthy life choices. As I lay here in bed with my testes aching and the constant feeling of need to urinate, Im looking for different treatments patients use to permanently overcome prostatitis. I masturbated to ejaculation on 2 occasions this week, both times the ejaculate just dripped out instead of shooting like it always has. Sometimes it hurts a bit to pee or ejaculate.

Is it generally safe to have sex with prostatitis?
If one has these prostate problems at 20, given the young age is it possible to cure the problems through treatment?
No bacteria was found, so I'm desperately looking for ways to restore my prostate and sexual function to what it previously was. Normal.

I am going to schedule an appt with a urologist which will be a few weeks out, any knowledge on these types of prostate problems would help me immensely. As well as how patients proceed with sexual activity when they have these symptoms.

Sorry if I'm all over the place.
Much, much appreciated.


Your symptoms are most likely due to prostatitis.  Which type cannot be determine from the available information but makes little difference since they are essentially treated the same.  Sexual activity is usually considered safe.  Prostatitis can be difficult to treat and may return but is usually curable.  Discuss these issues when you see the urologist.

Meanwhile, try avoiding caffeine and alcohol.  Try sitting in a very hot tub for 5-10 minutes 1-2 times a day.


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