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Years ago I had an ingrown hair on my penis shaft that got quite bad.  When it finally resolved itself it left an unsightly dimple.  I'm very self conscious about it and it's gotten to the point that I simply must do something about it.  It is on the dorsal side about half way between the base and glans, right on the midline.  I tried to do an at home peel with a salicylic acid based wart remover.  In the end there was no effect.  Now many years ago I had the same thing on my chest and took a new, sterile syringe (I have a diabetic family member so I have access) and poked it a few times.  It scabbed up and when it healed it got pretty smooth.  I want to do the same thing here.  I understand I can't just poke it because the dorsal nerve is located there and is very important.  I can, however, get my finger underneath a fold of skin, protecting the internal structures.  I just need to know are there any crucial structures in the penis itself that would make this inadvisable, anything that could affect function or sensation?  I am currently uninsured and don't have the money to see a doctor.  I am also too embarrassed.



Until you overcome your embarrassment and can afford a physician, my sincere advice is LEAVE IT ALONE!  There are lots of things that can happen with a self imposed surgical trial on the penis and all of them are bad.  You could end up with a severe infection, scarring, impotent and with part of the penis numb.  Please trust me and leave it alone.  Nobody actually died of embarrassment. All you need to do is change you attitude about it and make up your mind to not let it bother you.  


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