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I was wondering would you please tell me: how much urine can the body hold?

(P.S would you please try to give your answer in a easy way that I can understand)

Cameron, by your subject  "IT JUST KEEPS ON GOING" I assume that you mean you urinate very frequently.   If you are urinating too frequently, I need more information such as how often, small or large amounts, how long has this been going on, is it an isolated  or recurrent problem, your age, associated medical conditions (such as diabetes), is your urinary stream good or slow, what medications do you take  etc.  I  woulds also need to know if there're are other symptoms such as burning or blood with urination, pain in the rectal area, fever, etc.  

Your question of "how much urine can the body hold" really doesn't jive with your subject.  However, I will try to answer this.  Many of the wastes products produced by the daily normal metabolism of the body are filtered from the blood by the kidneys.  The kidneys also filter out water from the blood.  Most of the latter water is reabsorbed back into the blood stream by specialized kidney tubules.  The water not filtered back is mixed with the waste products (mainly nitrogen products such as urea) and passed down the urinary tract and into the bladder as the urine.  The bladder typically holds about 5-10 ounces (150-300 ml) of fluid before one gets the urge to urinate.  With certain diseases, the bladder can hold 2-3 liters (2,000 to 3,000) of urine.  The "body" per se does not "hold" urine.  However, if the kidneys are not working properly, the waste products it would normally eliminate begin to accumulate in the body producing a condition called "uremia".  If not treated aggressively, the person can die from this.

Perhaps I have given you too much information but without understanding more about what you present problems and concerns are, I tried to cover all the bases.  I will be glad to expound on your problem if you can send me much more specific information.  Good luck.


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