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What prevents a man from having multiple ejaculations? Why does the penis become limp after ejaculation?  Is this occurrence something more mental than physical?

I thank you for your reply.

Kenneth, it is most common for a man to be able to have only 1-2 orgasms and ejaculations at a session.  However, there is great individual variation and some men are able to achieve multiple ejaculations at a session.  Most women, however, are able to achieve multiple orgasms. I know of nothing that can change this for an individual.  Normally, with sexual stimulation, a chemical reaction occurs in the penis that allows the blood to flow more easily into the erectile bodies (corpora cavernosa) producing erection.  In most men, with ejaculation and orgasm, these chemicals are used up and this, plus a decrease in sexual stimulation, results in detumescence as the blood is released from the erectile bodies into the circulation.   This is a physical reaction on the part of the body and not a mental one.  Good luck.


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