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Urology/recovery for penile nerve trauma


i had a question regarding penis nerve trauma due to masturbating everyday for a period of a few years. and if stopping would be enough to fix it. i read some of the past answers and it appears someone  asked you the same question so i got my answer from you already. however i still wanted to talk to you.

so the penis can 100% go back to being very hyper sensitive as it once was just by stopping further masturbation  months ans so will sexual urges?

i have been told it may need creams and such

thank you

Justin, if the loss of sensation is due to trauma to the sensory nerves of the penis from over vigorous masturbation, it almost always goes back to normal.  However, this may take up to one year or so.  You actually do not have to stop having sex (intercourse or masturbation).  Just be "more gentle" and use a good quality lubricant.  You can buy lubricants at the drug store (such as the "silk" lubricants) or you can improvise with a common household product such as Crisco.  Good luck.


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