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I'm a 37 yr old active male and I'm fairly certain I'm suffering from acute onset bike seat neuropathy, but was hoping someone could comment because I haven't found any detailed listing of symptoms.

After having been off the road bike for sometime I went out for a ride on a Saturday afternoon. During the ride I had shifted myself more forward on the seat due to a knee pain issue. I road for an hour (~30km) during which my perineum and penis had some pain and I think slight numbness. Upon stopping my first urination was very painful. Throughout the day and into the next day urination was painful (pretty sure this wasn't dehydration). On Sunday evening I had intercourse with my wife and found erection and ejaculation to be painful too. In the following few days I have had a general discomfort in my perineum and penis, urination pain seems to come and go. I have also at times felt like I needed to pee when I barely had any volume to it.

I had a similar incident after getting back to cycling a number of years before and thought it might have been a bladder infection or something. Of course the tests came back negative and I remember it taking a good week or two to resolve itself.

So do these symptoms sound like bike seat neuropathy? I have since stopped riding altogether as this is definitely not a comfortable situation and I don't want to aggravate it any further.

Thanks for any comment/advice etc.


Your symptoms are compatible with bicycle seat related neuropathy but that doesn't mean it is a definitive diagnosis at this point.  Since this has happened to you in the past, it's likely that you are now more sensitive.  I would avoid bicycle seats for now and check with your local physician.


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