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Hi, I'm 28 year old male (turning 29 on March 3rd) who just got married to my girlfriend of 7 years last April. Over the past few years, increasing in the last six months, I've noticed some issues that are starting to affect my sex life.

When I met my wife, I was 21 years old and very over weight. I weighed about 310lbs (Iím 5í9). Despite the weight, we had a very active sex life. We would go for hours, yes, no exaggeration. I would be wheezing at the end, but I could regularly orgasm twice without stopping and without losing my erection. I had force behind my ejaculation and I had a healthy amount of seminal fluid when I did.

Over the years, I began to lose weight. To date Iíve lost over 100 lbs (I'm at 195 lbs now). Iím in better shape, eat healthier, exercise, etc. Still, I noticed a few years ago that our length of sex was decreasing. It was spotty, and it was tough to tell what was just life and what was actually a problem. The duration of intercourse was becoming less, I wasn't able to recover as fast or orgasm multiple times, and my penis was starting to lose some strength during sex. I mostly chalked it up to getting older, stress, etc. However, I really started to notice problems at the end of 2010. Over the next year we tried different solutions, mostly waiting a while, so instead of sex five times a week, we tried cutting down to three. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didnít. Over the last six months, possibly longer, Iíve noticed that my penis is having a harder time getting hard, loses its hardness in the middle of sex, I reach orgasm quite quickly, yet sometimes the sensation is dulled, my desire isnít as great as it used to be, and more often, even when masturbating, I find myself orgasming and ejaculating when Iím half flaccid. And now, when I do orgasm, the amount is minimal, sometimes as much as what would come from one drop of an eye dropper or less, and I have no force what so ever; it just runs out, sort of.

I know Iím getting older, but I feel like 29 is still early for this sort of thing. I also canít understand why I could have such a healthy sex life leading such an unhealthy life style, other then being even younger. I know a lot of things go into this sort of equation, but I feel like thereís got to be some specific reason(s) why this has gradually become such a problem and how many things its affecting.  I did go to a doctor once; he put me on generic Prozac to delay my orgasm. All it did was make me really dizzy during sex and sometimes I couldnít orgasm at all. Iíve been bouncing around jobs, economy and all, so I donít have insurance right now. Any help would be appreciated especially since weíre starting to talk about having kids, thank you!


Its impossible to identify the cause of your problem from only your description.  Prozac is a reasonable treatment for premature ejaculation, but you also have and erection issue which has not yet been addressed.  You should consult a urologist.


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