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Urology/Injury in scrotum during childhood


QUESTION: Hello doctor,
         During my childhood (at 9 years), I suffered a injury in the scrotum i.e. while I was playing by the side of window,my scrotum's skin  got pierced by the small nail, which was hanging by the side. Immediately, my scrotum was operated and the outer skin was stitched. At 29 now, I used to masturbate without any issue. I have some queries (listed below) regarding E.D. and sperm health and healthy sex. Please clarify them.

1. Is there any chance that my testicles  would have got injured and my sperm production would have been damaged. (I don't have any pain in scrotum or penis till now).
2. During masturbation, I ejaculate within one minute and next erection comes after sometime(2-3 minutes). Is this E.D. or normal?
3. The quantity of sperm that comes out during ejaculation is very low (just a half spoon not more than that)
4. Is there any chance that my penis growth would have been affected due to scrotum injury(My penis size is 5 inches).
5. With all the above factors, will I be able to give full satisfaction to my life partner(i have not had sex earlier).

Note: Request you to advise regarding the above queries, Doctor. I
have planned to get married soon. Your advice would be of immense help to me. So, please reply.

Thanking you,

ANSWER: Mannie:

While there is a remote possibility that the testicles were damaged at the time of your childhood injury, this sounds very unlikely since you've indicated that only the scrotal skin was involved.  It is even less likely that there would be any issue with sperm production.

You do not have ED based on your description.  Your problem is premature ejaculation.  There is treatment for this condition so contact your physician.

You probably do not actually have a low quantity of sperm.  What you actually have is a low volume of semen which usually indicates retrograde flow of semen backwards into the bladder.  This is not harmful or dangerous and can be treated if necessary.

There is minimal chance that your penis growth was affected by what sounds like a minor scrotal injury.

With the premature ejaculation treated, there is no reason to think you will have any trouble with future sexual partners.

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for the clarification and speedy response, Doctor. Request you to advise for the final queries below.

1. I understood from your advice that I do not have ED. But still my mind is   bugging because I get erection only under three conditions (don't get it often).
a. when I stimulate externally (masturbation)
b. during early mornings
c. when I see high number of adult pictures(sex).
Please advise whether this is normal , because I have heard that adults of my age get erection often (many times a day)just by thinking of girls/sex.  

2. Should I consult a physician or urologist for premature ejaculation?

I will try to do a semen analysis test.

Thanks and regards,

The fact that you do get erections at times indicates that the physical structures are OK and the variable is probably psychological.  This may or may not benefit from treatment.

You definitely should talk to your physician about these issues including the premature ejaculation.

Just for the record, if you were my own patient, I would not order a semen test for you as there is no reason to think your sperm count is abnormal at this point and if you have an ejaculation problem, the semen test will not help.


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