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QUESTION: So the first weekend after New Yearís, my gf and I were in bed and she was masturbating me. She had applied almond oil onto my penis for lubrication and everything seemed fine when suddenly she squeezed me a bit too hard at the base. It hurt for a second and then I was fine and didnít think much of it. In the following days I felt a slight soreness for lack of better term but figured this would go away. Iíve had no problems urinating or ejaculating since then. However after a couple of weeks I noticed that there was still pain at the base and it was at times pretty bad. Iíd take Tylenol or something and feel a bit better shortly thereafter. For a couple of weeks now the pain has not gone away. It comes and goes. Meanwhile I had also been feeling a weird sensation at the very tip of my penis. Anytime it would rub against anything, even my boxers, it would be really sensitive. I wasnít sure what was going on so I went to my doctor. He checked me out and said he didnít notice anything, he said everything looked fine. He did blood and urine tests and the results for everything came back fine, no infections or STDs etc. He suggested I take Advil or Aleve for the pain and use a bit of Vaseline for the tip. Iíve been doing just that and the tip seems to be improving though the dull ache still comes and goes. I have noticed slight curvature when Iím getting an erection but then itís fine once Iím fully erect. Sometimes when flaccid afterwards I have what I found is referred to as the baseball bat shape, as by the base itís a bit thin and up the shaft is a bit wider. I find that with all these "irregularities" things seems to return to normal/standard state after a while. Since the dull ache comes and goes from time to time, the tip-sensitivity is seemingly a bigger issue. For the most part the Vaseline had been helpful. Iíve noticed that now after some time, the only time Iíll feel the same sensitivity is after Iíve ejaculated or urinated, and that might only last for a few mins. I think Iíve also noticed a little bit of dribbling after doing either but Iím not really sure. Any idea what is wrong with me? Iím just really worried threes something bigger going on and not sure what to do about it. Iím also scared of what Iíve found online regarding testing and even surgical repair. I am wondering if I really need to see a Urologist or if I need to just wait this out. If all I have to do is wait it out then what do I do in the meantime?

ANSWER: Roger:

We don't usually recommend vaseline because it is not water soluble and leaves a gooey mess.  The change in shape and performance of the penis could be peyronie's or prostatitis.  You've tried waiting it out and it's not getting better.  My advice is to consult a urologist or even start with a visit to your regular physician.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the advice, I will seek a consult with a Urologist as soon as I can. Also, what would you recommend instead of Vaseline? Any ointments or creams perhaps? I originally tried using a Aloe Vera cream which had decent results. The Vaseline was helpful but did leave some gooey mess as you stated. Finally, Should I continue to have sexual activity and/or masturbate or would that slow any healing? Will there even be healing over time?


Any water soluble lubricant such as KY or Surgilube would be preferred.  The negative with these is they tend to wear off relatively quickly and need to be replaced relatively often.  I would suggest limiting sexual activity until you've checked with your local physicians.  Healing is likely but obviously dependent on the exact nature of your problem and treatment.


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