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This Might sound really strange to you, but I figured if I want to get good advice, I should be completely honest. I was curious about using a sound during masturbation. I used this sound multiple times and everything was fine. I was very clean about using it and have never had pain, or an infection. My concern is that the last time I used the sound, I felt pain in the glans area of my penis. When I took it out, the urethral opening was larger, and there was a sort of torn area on the under side of my glans making the opening larger. I immediately freaked out and am NEVER going to use the sound again, but I'm extremely worried that I've torn the area forever and it will never go back to normal again!!!  There was no blood, so it's not like I need surgery or anything. But I figured that since there was no blood, there'd be no way of the skin joining. Or is that area more like a pierced ear, where it will just slowly shrink back to normal? It would be so nice of you to give me any advice on how to aid this problem or an answer because I am so extremely worried about this. And really angry at myself.

Thanks so much.


The best thing to do now is to leave it alone.  I would hope that others reading this would refrain from putting anything into the urethra as it can cause great harm.  I've had to surgical remove a number of objects from urethras over the years and it's not pretty aside from the issue that it can cause permanent scarring.

At this piont, there is really nothing for you to do except leave it alone.  It will heal to some degree and you will probably have to live with that.  Attempts to repair problems at the tip often cause more harm than good.  If you are not happy with how it heals, consult a urologist.


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