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Hi.  i believe i may have caused neurological damage to my penis Due to Over masturbation i am 24 years old. and have been masturbating every day to every other day since mid 2011 however it was not until late 2012 i began feeling the bad effects but even then i kept masturbating!  i now have  numbness in my penis  loss of sensitivity as well as  loss of libido. the only time i get a natural erection is when i wake up!.     my penis even when it is  flaccid  is not as sensitive to the touch as it once was!  i asked a nurse a few weeks back and she told me that my problem was all in my head and psychiatric.  but i just wanted to get a second opinion from a Doctor.  i need to know if my condition and loss of feeling sensations and libido is  reversible and if i do have nerve damage hopefully it can be reversed as well?  i mean masturbation still feels good especially right before and during ejaculation but it still does not feel as  explosive and tingly as it once did before! some advice on what i need to do to  get better would be much appreciated

thank you

Mike, although it is possible that you injured the sensory nerves of the penis by too vigorous and frequent masturbation, I suspect that you have not damaged the nerve supply.   If you have, less frequent ejaculation and the use of a silk type lubricant will help to minimize damage.  However, takes 6-12 months to gradually repair itself.  Again, I do not think you have such nerve damage.  All of the symptoms you complain of are more likely  due to a protective mechanism on the part of the prostate warning you that it is being filled and emptied too often.   Let me try to explain.

When one becomes sexually aroused, the prostate fills up with fluid and when you ejaculate, the prostate contracts, propelling its liquid into the
urethra.  Here it mixes with other substances (sperm, seminal vesicle
fluids, etc) to form the semen.  Like any other part of your body, the
prostate has a tolerance for use.  For example, a baseball pitcher may need several days of rest for his arm before he can pitch again without over stressing his arm.  If any body part is used beyond this tolerance, it lets you know.  If the prostate is used excessively, one may note a variety of symptoms including  groin, pelvic, genital or back pain, decreased ability to have quality erections or climax or urinary symptoms (prostatitis). These are normal defense mechanisms on the part of the prostate gland to let you know something is wrong.  A person has to listen to their body.    Resting the prostate by avoiding sexual arousal and ejaculation and taking a daily warm bath (sitz bath) usually cures the problem.  If these symptoms occur, when one resume ejaculation, this should be done IN MODERATION (this is different for all men and determined by trial and error).  In other words, some men can ejaculate daily without problems while in other they can only do so a few times a week before getting symptoms. If no better, consultation with a urologist is recommended.  
Good luck.


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