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Urology/Numbness from jelqing once, please help


QUESTION: This week I jelqed for the first time, I'm 19 and I didn't think I was to vigorous but the next day...and going on 3 days my penis is numb and Im not sure if I can get an erection. What are my chances that the damage is only temporary from one ten minute session.....I'm very scared and I have a rubbery feeling on y shaft and head. Please help :(.

Thank you,
Robert Wanek

ANSWER: Robert:

Unfortunately, there are no studies on the odds of causing damage by jelking; but there are plenty of men who send us questions on this forum about such injuries so my impression is that they are fairly common.  

Sincy you have noticed a symptom after jelking, there is an extremely good chance that you've done some damage.  The degree and severity of this damage cannot be determined from the information provided.  

However, most of the time, such injuries will slowly heal but this may take some time.  You may want to take some extra vitamin B-6 (sometimes helps with nerve issues), contact your physician and consider seeing a urology specialist if things done start to improve on their own.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks doc, I went in today and my doctor was unsure what jelqing was but assured me that I probably just irritated or inflamed my nerves and should see improvement soon...does this sound consistent with other first time jelqing injuries? He advised me to take some ibuprofen and checked out my unit, which he said did not appear to be actually damaged. I start baseball in a month and being that I'm still numb since it realistic to expect I will recover by then, with rest, ibuprofen, and a urologist appointment on the tenth? I cannot get erections at any time will. Also one more question sir, are there medically ways to repair these nerves if they have been damaged, and have you personally heard of someone recovering from penile numbness like this?


ANSWER: Robert:

There is no way we can reliably predict your recovery from here.  There are no available ways to repair these nerves, but the ED can temporarily be relieved with Viagra type medications.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It's been one week since my entire penis was numb, unable to get erect. I can achieve 80-85% erections now and have regained some sensitivity in my glans and the under shaft of my penis. However, at the base on top above my dorsal nerves and dorsal vein is still without sensitivity and mainly numb. In addition that same area that I had applied the pressure to (dorsal area) while jelqing, is brown on the top and bottom. Is there reason to be encouraged that the dorsal area of my penis will also get better being that feeling has returned to other spots? I have been taking a multivitamin, b12, gingko, fish oil, and sometimes ibuprofen. Along with a few warm baths and i iced once to the shaft.

My last question to you is, if the nerve damage is not permanent and the nerves aren't actually "damaged" what other causes could there be for lower erection quality, numbness, loss of sensitivity, and the prolonged bruising...from the jelq exercise? I don't think I actually ruined the dorsal nerve or vein but it is clearly hurt or working improperly, could you please throw me some more info on what COULD be happening and what else I can do.

Thank you, I am greatly appreciative!


There is some evidence that Vitamin B-6 might be of some help with nerve issues.  The fact that some sensation has already returned is encouraging.

As far as other potential causes for loss of erections, numbness, decreased sensitivity and prolonged bruising, there really isn't anything else that will cause all of these together.  Loss of sensation is clearly a nerve issue.  Bruising is clearly direct injury to the tissues of the penis which causes some localized trauma and blood loss into the surrounding area which we call a bruise.  

There really isn't much else you can do.  You should discuss this with your local physician or consult a urologist.


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