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Urology/Pain while urinating/inflammed (red) tip of penis


My husband has had pain while urinating for almost a week. The pain is only while urinating. He describes it as very painful to start, easing in the middle and more painful at the end again. A stinging pain, like peeing a steak knife he puts it.

The day before the pain started he accidentally touched the rim of a public toilet with the tip of his penis and he said after that it was a bit tingly, but he attributed that to the cold.

He has seen 2 doctors. Both ruled out UTI. The second doctor said that an irritation or chemical burn from a cleaner on the toilet was unlikely. Both examined his penis and saw nothing abnormal. The first doctor gave a UTI antibiotic anyway.

The second doc did a swab and also sent the urine away for STD/STI screening. We know that will come back negative since we have been monogamous for over 10 years.

What else could this be? Anything he can do or anything else we should ask to be checked? Prostate? Could an ointment help?

He is extremely concerned its something quite serious at this point since the pain isn't easing up at all.

Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.


It can be very difficult to treat a sensation especially when the available tests are negative.  In these cases we treat for the most likelyi suspects such as prostatitis or NSU.  I very much doubt that touching the rim of a public toilet is going to cause an infection.  An ointment might help if the tenderness is right at the meatus.  He can try avoiding caffeine,hot spices and high potassium foods which tend to be irritating.  Also try sitting in a hot sitz bath or tub twice a day for 10 minutes.  This sometimes helps.

There is also a product you can buy OTC called Prelief that makes the urine less irritating.  Might be worth a shot.

He should consult a urologist if he hasn't already.


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