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Urology/Penile injury due to weight hanging


QUESTION: Dear sir. Last year I commited the enormous mistake of hanging 5 a five pounds weight from my penis when it was erect. Then I lost the erection instantly after hanging it but I did not suffer any hematomas or aubergine deformation. Three months later I visited the urologist and I had an ultrasound scan revealing that there was a discrete hyperechogenic area due to the injury but afterwards the doctor found out I had a scarred tissue and it was true for my penis bends slightly upwards when erect. Unfortunately my penis glans does not swell entirely as it used before the incident and the erections arenīt as hard as they were in the past. I used to hang the weight by attaching it behind the penis glans and that area is narrower making it look like an hourglass. I am 27 years old and I have thought about commiting suicide because I fear that is going to interfere severely in my sex life when I get married. Even though I have improved (I never lost sensation or pleasure) but only the rigidity and duration of my erections plus, new veins appeared. Doctor, I beg you sir to tell me if I have any hopes or improving more or correcting the hourglass deformation. I am from El Salvador, medical science here is way behind your breakthroughs. Please, help me =(

ANSWER: Angel:

You obviously realize that you've done some significant damage to the penis.  We can use Viagra or similar medications to help with the erections, but there is no good medication for scar type injuries.  You are lucky that the nerves are still intact.  You need to check with a good local urologist.  My best advice is to avoid doing anything like this again and pray that your recovery continues.

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QUESTION: The incident took place on 13 march, 2012. My cavernous arteries were explored three months after the incident and it revealed that the peak systolic velocities reached 9cm/s and the dorsal artery reached 11cm/s in a flaccid state. Do I have a very low blood flow in my penis? my  doctor said yes but I doubt it. I also have stretching marks. Should I have another ultrasound or more tests? can I be operated after waiting for a whole year after the incident? Thank you so much for your previous answer and for being so kind sir. I am so sorrowful in this moment.

ANSWER: Angel:

The numbers are a little low for peak systolic velocity.  There is no reason to think that the arteries will work better now than before.  There is no surgery available to improve the blood flow in these tiny arteries.  

There is no reason to be sorrowful now.  It sounds like things may still work with maybe a little help from viagra.  You could have lost sensation and all erection activity.  That would have been far worse.

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QUESTION: Sorry, I commited a mistake. My doctor said the peak systolic velocity was okay but I thoght it wasnīt when he read the results to me. Should I consider penile prosthesis now? would vacuum pumps help? thank you so much


Optimal peak systolic velocity after injection is usually 25 cm/sec or more.  Pre-injection values are less reliable but normal is usually considered between 10 and 15.  Your results to me appear borderline but if no penile injection was done to maximize flow then the test is much less reliable.

Penile prostheses are only appropriate when all other treatments have failed.  Other available treatments include viagra and similar medications, MUSE, vacuum pumps and penile injections alone or in combination with other treatments.  Talk to your urologist about the treatments available to you.


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