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Urology/penile pain at urination only


My son is 12 yo for the last 4 months he experiencing pain during urination at the penile tip and in the bladder region. We have seen pediatrician and pediatric urologist. He had 4 negative UTI checks,one course of antibiotics. He also had Renal, Bladder and Scrotal ultrasound: all negative. On physical exam Dr. saw left varicocele which was verified on Scrotal Ultrasound. Urologist did not come up with any answers. My son has been drinking cranberry juice (just in case). I do not see any redness at the tip and he says it's hurts inside. Per Dr. he is on truck with all male development.
Please help!

One possible cause of pain with urination is a urethral stricture, which is a narrowing of the urethra.  Urethral strictures can be caused of straddle or other trauma, which boys often experience.  A urethral stricture is diagnosed by placing a small telescope inside the urethra connected to a monitor to assess the size of the urethra.  You can learn more about urethral strictures at:

Unfortunately, this is something that may need to be done in the operating room in a child (office procedure in an adult).  I am not saying this test should be done or not as I can not really give that kind of opinion based on an internet request for an answer to a question.  I would just say that this is something to consider.  Best of luck.


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