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Urology/Is it possible to get pregnant from residual semen in urethra after intercourse?



My name is Samantha. I'm 25 years old. I have been with current partner for 15 months. We have had unprotected  sex our entire relationship. I have a 4 year old son from a previous relationship.  when my ex and i decided to try and concieve, i became pregnant the first month. As mentioned, my current partner and I have not had protected sex. I became pregnant this January but the pregnancy did not take and I ended up miscarrying. This ultimately took a till on our relationship. We started to feel like he did not have viable sperm as i got pregnant very quickly with my ex! My S.O is 27. He is not on any medications and lives a pretty normal, healthy life. He does not partake in drugs.
On February 19 I made an awful mistake and slept with another man. We had sex twice. The first  we did use a condom. 20 minutes later, we had sex again, but  did not use a condom. He did pull out when he ejaculated. I had sex with my boyfriend the 20th unprotected. My doctor estimated my conception the week I was with the both of them.
I am concerned that I may have become pregnant from residual semen that was in his urethra from our first "session" with the man I cheated with. He did not urinate in between the first and second time. Is it wise for me to think that my boyfriend does not have viable, or "great", sperm due to the length of time we have been trying to conceive? Because of this, I am thinking it is a good possibility that this may be the other mans baby. I guess my question is, how likely is it to get pregnant from "left over" semen in the urethra?

Samantha, sperm can live in the urethra after ejaculation for up to 24 hours.  They are cleared from the urethra more rapidly by urination but this apparently did not occur in the case you mention.  As far as your boyfriend not impregnating you as fast as your ex did, does not mean that he is less fertile than your ex.  Unfortunately, in your present state there is no way to determine who is more likely to be the father other than a DNA test.  Sorry but there is no other way to determine the likelihood of which partner impregnated you.  Good luck.


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