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Urology/Corpus spongiosum/urethra/penile problem


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  I am 19 years old, sexually active. I have this weird thing on my penis...Basically, it's on the left side of the shaft, there's this huuuge tube like structure. It's soft and when urinating, i can feel a flow going through it. But it's really wide and big. Basically, as big as a finger of an adult (and wide).It causes my penis to bend aswell.

  Now, i dont have erection troubles or anything, but the structure just seems...weird.

  Also, after ejaculation, sometimes, it stays engorged from the erection. My penis becomes flacid after ejaculation, but it takes another 2-3 min for the structure to shrink down. And even then, it never dissapears. It's always visible. Is it just a weird form of the corpus spongiosum? Urethra? I'ts really REALLYYY prominant. I can't stress the REALLY part enough.

  One more thing, after ejaculation or a longer erection, i can feel this weird...preasure there. Not much of a preasure, but more like something you feel in your legs after running alot.

  Also, there are these weird lumps that keep reapearing after ejaculation

Here are the things that are present.
*I can still ejaculate and get an erection.

*I usually get stronger erections when lying down and have a
harder time getting them to fade. It's really easy to control them when sitting or standing tho.

*I can urinate, but sometimes, it takes a little effort to start. Also, the stream isn't as strong as it used to be.

*I am sexually active and I have sex or anything else that leads to sexual stimulation and ejaculation about 1-2 times in 10 days.

*When errect, the spongy structure becomesabit more sturdy. When ejaculating, it contracts and retracts very slightly.

*I can feel urine passing through it when urinating.

*For the past 2 months, a weird lump like structure appears on the shaft, next to the head (seen in the 2nd picture slightly). It dissapears after urinating, giving the area some rest and giving it a really gentle rub/massage.

My end questions are as follow

1)Is that spongy like structure normal? It grows alot more and changes in size. Becomes huge during erection and stays the same size when flacid for about 15-30min.
2)What is that single lump that appears on the end of the spongy structure, near the head after an ejaculation.It's also slightly itchy for awhile when it appears and starts shrinking.

Thank you so much in advance. I appreciate all and any info you can provide!
Again, thank you for your time!


We are specifically prohibited from giving individual medical advice or even a diagnosis which can only come from your local physicians.  I can only suggest that you ask your personal physician about this.  You can also consider a consultation with a urologist which would be definitive.


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