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a few weeks ago i had the opportunity to lose my virginiy however the night before i had either urinated or sweated right through my trousers and in the morning when i went to have sex i could not get fully erect. now i am anxious and cant seem to maintain my erection. i am seeing another girl now and i am worried that when we go to have sex the same problem will arise. i am pretty sure this is all in my head but i was wondering what else could be causing this ?

thank you

C, it is difficult to be sure what wet your trousers.  It was either urine, semen or "pre-cum".  Regardless, I do not believe it has anything to do with your difficulty maintaining an erection.  I believe you are having symptoms from a rather common problem called "performance anxiety".  

Every man occasionally has difficulty obtaining or maintaining erections.  There are many possible reasons for this such as too frequent sex (or ejaculation), prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), fatigue, drugs, alcohol, emotional causes, etc.  When it happens out of the blue for the first time, it is not uncommon to have the event in the back of your mind when you try to have sex in the future.  If this thought interferes with your function, the disorder is called "performance anxiety".  It is one of the emotional causes of impotence and quite common.  One of the keys to diagnosis is that you are able to have perfectly normal erections with masturbation but problems only when there is another person involved.  Although drugs such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are not specific for such problems, I have used them in these situations.  I have found that the use of 1/2-1  50 mgm tablet of Viagra works very well. Often it  is not necessary to use the drug again.  Just having it available for those problem situations seems to bolster one's confidence enough so that it is not needed.  These medications do have certain contraindications and side effects.  Therefore, they should only be prescribed by a physician familiar with your medical history.  If the problem persists or still worries you, the best course of action is to discuss the anxiety with a sex therapist.  Good luck!


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