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QUESTION: My husband, who is 58, had TURP surgery 2-1/2 years ago. He suffers from ongoing burning ever since then.  So, he had a cystoscopy and a urodynamics test. They found he had a bit of a 'floppy' bladder. He will have some trouble emptying his bladder if it gets overfilled.  Recently, he had a good amount of blood in his urine one night. They scheduled a CAT scan and another cystoscopy.  They said everything was fine except he had a few 'prostate stones.'  They said they weren't that big so they should pass without too much issues. I was a bit unprepared (since I didnít know what they were) so I didn't ask all the questions I had.  This was 4 weeks ago, and since then, he will have issues with something in the way of his stream.  Multiple times, he will pass what looks like a flake (flat) Ė donít know what that is. Over the past 3 days, 3 stones have come out (or we think they are stones - small, brown, round, hard.  However, AGAIN today, he feels like something could be passing because his stream is being affected.
I am wondering if you could clear these questions up?
Are prostate stones the same as bladder stones?
How long does it take them to get out of the prostate or do they stay there?  Seems to be ongoing for a while now.
What is the best way to help them out (since too much water CAN cause some issues for my husband)?
Can they be prevented in future?    

This is so frustrating so THANK YOU SO MUCH.

ANSWER: Laney:

Prostate stones are NOT the same as bladder stones. Prostatic stones form in the prostatic ducts, usually in the periphery of the prostate.  They are almost never clinically significant and typically cause no problems.  

Bladder stones are totally different, are usually related to significant prostate issues and usually cause symptoms.

There is no need to get the stones out of the prostate.  They can usually just stay there as they cause no harm.  There is no good way short of prostate surgery to get rid of the stone, but since they are harmless there is usually no need to do this.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your response.  I just have a couple QUICK followups:

It sounds like you are saying they stay in the prostate.  

1. CAN they be voided out (because we thought these 3 small rounded 'stones' that were in his urine recently WERE these stones coming out.)

2. I understand you say they are harmless, but it would SEEM the Dr.was implying that these stones were causing some of his symptoms.... are there SPECIFIC STONE SYMPTOMS he has ongoing BURNING - could the BURNING be a symptom of the stone.

Thanks again!


It's possible for prostatic stones to be voided out, but it would be highly unusual and unlikely.

Burning is a symptom of inflammation.  It is possible for prostatic stones to become involved in inflammation or infection but again this would be unusual.


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