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Dear Dr.i am 27 years old male from india. i am single. i am going to marry after 1 year.From my childhood i notice that my penice when errects it has a shape of banan(with upword curve normal on left side) i have done sex many time  with prostitute but I dont have any problems. I should know about my penice problem . Is it curable?? Few people told me that such kind of penice can not give pleasure to a women.(penice must be strait but should not have curve) My penice remains errected in 2 to 4  minuts and it automatically lose the errection .Please help me and try to solve this problem.

ANSWER: Sachin:

Your curvature is probably Peyronie's, a condition where there is some scarring or fibrosis along part of the erection body which causes the curvature.  There is no good, simple cure or even effective treatment short of surgery.  Injection of the scarred area with Verapamil has shown some effect but is not yet in widewpread use.

If the curvature condition is severe enough to prevent intercourse, then surgery can help straighten it out but this often sacrifices some of the erect penis length and there is a risk of losing erection rigidity.  For this reason, we typically reserve surgery for the more severe cases where intercourse is no longer possible due to the curvature.

Loss of erection rigidity after just 2-4 minutes could be premature ejaculation or venous leak.  You'll need to consult with a local urologist for individual care and treatment fo this aspect of your problem.

Mild or even moderate curvature of the penis is generally considered sufficient for intercourse and typically provides similar responses in the female partner as would a straight penis.  

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photo of penice
photo of penice  
QUESTION: How much best period for intercoures? ? What is the surgery? What are the advantages and disadvantages of surgery? What is cost for it? Which doctors best for these type of surgery?  Can you suggest best dr from pune maharastra india??? Can it any chance of affect sex llife after surgery??


There is no "best" period for intercourse.  Newly married couples obviously do this more often than older married couples.  To create a pregnancy, every 2-3 days during the peak fertile period is suggested.

SUrgery for curvature can be done several ways.  One technique involves using permanent sutures to pull the concave or opposite side together making it straighter.  From the picture, it looks like this might be a reasonable option.  This surgery is called "The Nesbit Technique".  Another surgery involes placement of a permanent penile prosthesis inside the erection bodies or cutting out the scarred area and using a graft of some kind.  These procedures are more involved and will significantly affect erection ability more than the "Nesbit" procedure described earlier.

We usually recommend surgery only when the curvature is so bad that intercourse is not possible which is not your situation.

It would be impossible to give any ideas about price or to make any recommendations about physicians in India from here.  I would recommend that you go to a Urological center in a larger city where they do the surgeries more often.  A urology surgeon would be the type of specialist that you should talk to.

If surgery is necessary, sexual activity is certainly possible afterwards, but Viagra type medications or a penile prosthesis may be needed to have normal rigidity.  Your urologist will explain this in more detail if it becomes necessary.


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