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QUESTION: Hello Stephen, less than a month ago I suffered a jelqing injury, it was a trivial and dumb decision that I only did two times. My penis became numb for 2 weeks and now I have sensation and feeling in several spots on my shaft and glans. Additionally I couldn't get an erection but recently I got my morning erections back and they have been close to 100% normal. So I feel like my penis is recovering from some sensory nerve trauma. My question is, since I've gotten my erections back I've noticed many many red and black veins at the base of my shaft and other veins running throughout the shaft that were not noticeable before, including spider type veins on my shaft right behind my glans. Again, these veins have not been noticeable ever and I'm wondering what the cause could be for lots of red, black, and blue veins to appear all over my penis. And if this is a cause for concern. When my erections come back to normality I would like to resume a normal sex life so I'm wondering if these veins could signal certain problems other than the initial nerve trauma.

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It is still too soon after the injury to know how it will ultimately heal.  While not a serious concern, they are clearly not normal either.  We usually do not treat superficial veins on the penis, but if this continues to bother you we can sometimes us a laser to help make them less visible.

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QUESTION: My erections are completely normal now, and my penis is functioning normal other than slight numbness. I have 2 thrombosed veins on my shaft that are a little bit raised, I can feel them on the surface. They have no color or anything and they weren't previously there before the injury. What can I do to treat them, how serious is this kind of thing, an is it safe to resume sexual activity with thrombosed penis veins?

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We don't usually treat thrombosed superficial veins in the penis.  check with your local physician before resuming sexual activity just to be safe.

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QUESTION: I met with a urologist 2 weeks ago and the veins were not noticed because i did not have an erection. I have diagnosed the problem myself as a thrombosed vein, but I of course am no doctor. Below I will leave you a description of the physical appearance and, if you would be kind enough, could you give me your opinion on what the condition could possibly be?

When I'm erect I have two "guitar string' like chords on my shaft. One runs directly over the dorsal vein, horizontally nearly to the head. The other runs on the side of my shaft, horizontally nearly to my head.

They are the same color as my skin

When I move my skin the chords stay stationary.

I have lots of these "superficial" veins but zero pain, when erect they are highly noticeable.

I've heard of lymphatics and thrombosed's clear these chords are abnormal but i I can participate in athletics and careful sexual activity then I will no longer be concerned.

I play city league basketball and I've refrained from running in fear of injuring my penis, after all, parts of my penis are numb and i don't know anything about nerves so i don't know how gentle i have to be during activity. I got the go from a local urologist who said that sprinting wouldn't risk injuring my nerves, in your experience do you find that activity (jumping/sprinting) is relatively safe?  I'm glad my erections have returned and I don't want to damage my important organ. but id love to play basketball, the numbness is presiding and the 2 chords are worrying me!

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I really can't diagnose anything based only on your description.  It could be veins, lymphatics or scar tissue as the most likely causes.  Usually, running, jumping and sprinting are relatively safe as long as you can guarantee not to fall or have collisions.

Make another appointment with your urologist and ask him.


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