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I was wondering if you could PLEASE give me some help and insight.  
My husband's history is: 58 year old, was a smoker - now is not. he had TURP surgery almost 3 years ago. Had a very enlarged prostate, and had gone into retention a few times prior to surgery. He developed burning sometime later after surgery and it has continued to this day. The burning was annoying, but it wasn't terrible.  Then there were days where he flared up, and it was bad for a short time then it would get better.  Plus, a few times a month he would have a day or two when he would have trouble urinating.  Then the next day, he would be better. He has started seeing a new urologist in the past 1-1/2 years. He did urodynamic testing, a year or so ago, and he said he had a slightly floppy bladder. That was all they found.  Clear channel to bladder and all else seemed ok. However, this past February, he started bleeding quite a bit one night so we went to see the dr.  He did a CT scan and a Cystography.  The only thing apparent were some prostate and bladder stones.  The dr said the bladder stones were not that big.  Since Feb, overall, things seem worse then ever.  The bad days seem to come as often as good for past few months.  Plus, he would feel often as if he was going to pass something off and on and would feel discomfort, and then he did pass at least 6 stones that I know of over a couple of months. The dr said he could remove the stones the last time we were there; the surgery was booked for THIS COMING Thursday.  ABOUT A WEEK AGO, there was more bleeding, MUCH MORE BURNING and pain, and more issues trying to urinate so much he had to use the hydrophilic catheters he was given by dr twice in one week (he has only used those once in a year prior). He urinated close to 3 cups both times.  Last event, was this past Thursday, we went to dr because he was backing up and couldn't get hydrophilic cath in, which was very unusual.  The nurse couldn't get in cath so dr came in and struggled for 5 or so min.  He had to use the Cystography again even though he was sure there was no stricture since he had just used this a month ago.  He said he is sure it was the muscle, because my husband had tensed up so much. I DIDN'T KNOW A MUSCLE COULD BLOCK A CATH? After they FINALLY got the cath, a lot of urine came out.  However, the pain and intense burning didn't stop after the urine was expelled, as the dr expected.  So the dr admitted he is confused as to what is causing the burning.  The urine was to be sent down to be tested (long holiday weekend so no results yet) but the dr didn't think the urine looked too bad-a little cloudy and bloody. So my husband was sent home with a Foley Catheter in. The dr wants to keep the bladder stone removal surgery for Thursday, but he is not sure he will do the surgery yet because he doesn't think the stones would be causing this kind of pain and discomfort. He wanted us to email him at end of this long weekend to see how my husband was feeling.  The pain and burning was much less the next day, but he has taken Vicodin and Valium...not a lot but some. He is also on an antibiotic. He was doing not too badly until last night in the middle of the night there was more pain and burning and then blood in the bag.  
Sorry  - longer history than I thought....
I was wondering since this dr is at a loss -- IS there anything you could suggest or venture an opinion on as to what MIGHT be going on now??  Do you think they should go forward with the bladder stone removal surgery at least.  I am so worried and upset because I thought all of his problems since Feb were from bladder stones and now that might not be.  I just am desperate for some answer for my husband. Please any help, thoughts, suggestions or opinions would be SO APPRECIATED!
Thank you so much!!!


This forum is really for general informaton only and not really for complicated second opinions.  Originally he may have had some post-ptrstatectomy prostatitis, but what is going on now is unclear.

He really needs to be evaluated in a tertiary care Urology center where they are used to complex problems.


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