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QUESTION: How can my corpora cavernosa heal? I don know what exactly is that is damaged but I will try and pinpoint where the damage is and if it can be fixed and how it can be fixed.. First, Thank you for taking the time in answering this I don know where to look for help and I'm thankful I found this website
About 5 days ago or las Sunday ,Mother's Day, I was doing something stupid I was having "dry sex" I don't know what it is called but she had her panties on it was in the morning and I went a little too hard and hit the pubic bone I think I heard a "pop" it was very weird but I didn't get scared since I felt no pain and my penis seemed to be intact but then I noticed it got a little flaccid..  But I still got a semi erection so I thought I just wasn't in the mood and that why it wasn't hard . Well, throughout the day I had something in the back of my head that something wasnt right I felt like where my penis was supposed to be there was nothing but since I was with my gf I was happy all day and didn't give it much attention.. It wasn't until night that I inspected my penis since I was feeling a slight pain and then it hit me I tried so hard to get an erection by stimulating my penis but it was so hard to even get it to 50% of what it used to be and then I got scared and started googling what could have happened and I found that maybe I have suffered a penis fracture.. I then read i could suffer from perks ant ED if I don't get it treated I got really depressed and I still am.. So Monday I had a slight pain and still no erection it was like if I had a cut in my penis a small one. I was really scared to have ED so It took all my guts to ask my mom for help with that problem and she took me to the ER that day where a doctor inspected it and said he had seen worse penile fractures and that this wasn't much to worry I told him how I couldn't get an erection.. I am 17 very healthy and I ER very healthy I don't smoke use drugs or consume alcohol.. I told him I had slight pain and that when he said he will call the urologist..  The urologist also said that it was in very good shape and  no surgery would be required "I'm telling you good news buddy" I asked him to double check because its as if my penis isn't there and I can't get an erection as easily an when I do it's like 45% of what is normal.. I was dismissed and told by the nurse that it would heal and to see a doctor in 5-8 days if it doesn't seem like things are getting better.. :( I went home crying since pretty much she made me seem like I was being a stupid kid that was exaggerating.. I have been very depressed ever since since I am too young to have this all I want is answers.. So the next day I noticed that I was getting a boner and I wasn't even stimulating it that made me have a relief but then I noticed it wasn't as hard as normal.. I checked and well I noticed that the left side of my penis wasn't as hard as the right side also I noticed it was leaning to the left when I "flexed" to make it harder only the right side got bigger.. I know I am getting blood to the left side since it gets big and kinda hard but nothing compared to right side.. I thought it was Peyronie's disease bu my penis didn't bend and it still grew just didn't get as hard as the right like if it wasn't getting air and it was losing it... Also after the erection I got a slight pain and my penis seemed to get a bump on the right side like if blood was leaking after the erection... I feel like I have maybe a cut... I heard a pop I just don't know what exactly popped..
Like I said I'm 17 I have no insurance no doctor and I want to pay for this myself I will get a job this summer but I'm not making my mom pay since this was my mistake a stupid one that is why I can't afford to go to the doctor unless it the only way it will get fixed..
I feel like I might have a small fracture my penis seems fine just softer on the left side I know it ain't as damaged as other penile fractures but I know it something to do with the corpora cavernosa..
My question is what exactly is the problem and if it will heal by itself.. I don't want to develop Peyronie's disease I'm getting scared of getting that how can i stop that. I still have a slight bump which is weird since yesterday I got it and it went away I feel like if blood is leaking when I genan erection but it only a minor cut.. Since the corpora get filled with blood when aroused maybe Thai blood is leaking help me please :(.. Also how can I help it heal faster if that possible.. Honestly I want all the information you can give me please... Thank you so much for your help that I you I may never thank you in person right now i am very depressed but this site hopefully can help me thank you I know I may never thank you in person but I'm sincere grateful for your helpfulness.

Ps. Sorry for my terrible grammar and for writing so much I'm just desperate for the right help


A penile fracture is usually an obvious and very dramatic event.  The "fracture" is actually a rupture of the covering to the erection body.  This would be far more than just the relatively minor "pop" you say you noticed.

Either way, at this point there is little that can be done except to wait until it completely heals.  Viagra and similar meds may help it heal but otherwise there just isn't much else you can do.  There is no point in worrying about future erections or Peyronie's.  Either there will be problems and they will be dealt with or there won't and you're worrying for nothing.

You may want to consider a urology consultation since most primary physicians are not experienced in this sort of injury.

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QUESTION: Yes I understand that it will heal.. How long does it take it to heal? And I'm guessing this happens often a rupture? How will it be dealt with?  What is the best I can do to let it heal? Does the corpora cavernosa heal easily?


Healing can take a year or longer.  The best thing to do now is to leave it alone and let it heal naturally.  Taking a regular Viagra, Levitra or Cialis may help but that can be expensive and the benefits are still a little uncertain.

The corpora cavernosa actually heals relatively easily which is good but it heals with scar tissue which is not quite so good.  

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QUESTION: Well thank you.. One last question is there a way that it can heal without having scar tissue.. Will my penis bend? And is there a way to prevent that? I seem to have a bump on my penis after an erection so I know blood is leaking.. Do you think a doctor would actually give me sorting to help it heal faster or do you think he will say I'm exaggerating and send me home.. If I do go what do you advise i tell the doctor so he can do a better job and avoid me future expenses time, and of course a normal erection.. Again thank you for you're help./ is it normal for one side of the penis to be harde then the right?


Healing involves scar tissue to some degree.  Since the area involved is inside the erection bodies, there is no known way to prevent scarring.  I doubt that blood is leaking because you have a bump.  Actual leakage would cause an enlarging hematoma with  bruising and not just a lump.  

A physician is not likely to say you are exaggerating, but since we don't have anything that will help much there may be little he can do.  However, it is a good idea to have it checked and to find out exactly what the "bump" is.

I suggest you tell the doctor what happened, when and how the penis appears to you now.  It is not usually a good idea for the patient to tell the doctor how to do his job.  You are seeing the physician for his advice so ask questions about the diagnosis and his recommended treatment as well as possible treatment options.

It is not considered usual or "normal" for one side of the penis to be harder than the other.


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