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Urology/Jelqing discoloration varicose veins, permanent?


QUESTION: Hello, I jelqed less than five times and I suffered some serious consequences. From reading your prior answers you know what I'm mentioning...numbness, discoloration, swollen lymphatic and low EQ. I was smart enough to stop after less than a week of this idiotic practice. My erections are 100% normal after about 5 weeks and my lymphatic chords or whatever are hardly noticeable now. However, the from my circumcision scar to where my penis connects to my body has a brown hue to it. This occurred right away after I tried jelqing and had not went away one bit... The answer givin by "jelqers" is that I forced blood into that area of my penis and the blood stayed there causing a darker pigment. I guess what I am asking is whether this discoloration is probably permanent or maybe if it should fade over time?

I know I can have sex with my penis and that my erections are very rigid again...because I left my penis alone for 3 or 4 weeks after I jelqed. I'm worried about my varicose veins though, i have lots of veins that are simply "visible" now that were not before. What problems could these signify...what im wondering is, my penis would definitely work for sex but it's a bit discolored and veiny this dangerous and what can I do?

Thank you a bunch

ANSWER: Stephan:

Be glad that the erections have returned.  Other issues like coloration or pigmentation are really quite minor and since there is nothing you can do about them you might as well not worry about it.  Most likely, the change in pigmentation will end to fade over time but may never return to what it previously was.

As far as the veins go, these are probably permanent but they are not clinically significant.  They are not dangerous.  If they bother you, sometimes they can be removed with lasers but we usually recommend that you leave them alone.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reassurance. Since it's been over a month since I had a little numbness and loss of EQ but now those things have diminished, would I'd be relatively safe for me to have sex? I don't have any thrombosed veins or bruises or anything just brown pigmentation and varicose veins. Oh and my flaccid sometimes looks like a coke bottle shape...all of this is confusing to me, but I get morning wood and nocturnal erections so I'm assuming my functionality is up too par..


ANSWER: Stephan:

We cannot officially give you permission, but it should reasonably be allowable.  To be sure, check with your personal physician.  Flaccid shape is unimportant as long as the erect shape is usable.  Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thanks for taking the time to answer ALL my questions, and this will be my final one before I visit a local uro on thursday for an examination. I sometimes have the "hard flaccid" people have posted about.

is there any clue as to why the base of a flaccid penis stays hard on some men after jelqing injuries? because mine is sometimes more stiff than usual.

At one point my penis was nearly completely numb, after about 6 weeks of abstinence and rest the numbness only remains on the skin above my dorsal vein near the base, this is the brown area. Is this a relatively sensitive part of the penis normally? its like from the midshaft to the pubic bone.

I get rock hard nocturnal erections and sometimes have wet dreams, if I view pornagraphic material along with a little touching of my penis i can get a normal erection and masturbation feels normal on the underside and glans where its most sensitive. Orgasm also feels completely normal. So i don't think i damaged the erection bodies just some nerves in some spots.

If I am stuck with some diminished sensitivity, discoloration, and varicose veins and these are not DANGEROUS symptoms and my penis is still working normally (erection wise) then that is okay with me. I am just hoping careful sex doesn't pose any additional damage to the penis, it's been over a month and things are certainly healing. at age 22 i believe i should recover.

Thanks again,
I will follow up with my doc on thursday, just trying to gather as much insight as possible from you. Even if it is speculative!


There is no consistent answer to why some men with a jelking injury have a more rigid base.  This could be due to thrombosis, hematoma or scarring.

The area you specified on the penis is usually not particularly sensitive.

Good luck.  


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