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Hello, I have a question about peeing during what seems like an orgasm. I am 20, and its happened like, twice where my  girlfriend is *ahem* Giving me oral, and During what feels like an orgasm, I pee instead. like its yellow, and pretty embarrassing. What should I do? I s this bad?

Josue, from your description, it is difficult to be sure if this is "pre-cum" or urine.   Pre-ejaculate ("precum") is a perfectly normal phenomenon and, as the name implies, it occurs prior to ejaculation and/or orgasm.    This is a normal secretion of a mucous like material from the paired Cowper glands that empty into a man's proximal urethra.  The glands are analogous to the Bartholin glands located at vaginal introitus.  The discharge they produce is in response to sexual arousal & is distinctly different from ejaculation.   The amount of pre-ejaculate varies with each individual but will be greater if one has not been sexually stimulated for a while.   The function of a man's pre-ejaculate is to lubricate the urethra & to neutralize any residual acid urine. These actions allow the semen to be discharged more easily & improve sperm viability. This discharge theoretically does not contain sperm although small amounts could possible leak into it.   The Cowper glands gradually become smaller with age and the secretion, likewise, lessens over time.

Some men do occasionally urinate with orgasm and/or ejaculation.  Normally, at the moment of ejaculation, the neck of the bladder closes so that only semen is forced out the urethra.  If the bladder neck does not close entirely, urine may come out.  This can occur from excessive fatigue, certain medications or drugs, or a disorder of the function of the bladder muscles and/or pelvic muscles.  If it is indeed urine that you note and not pre-cum, if this is a frequent recurrent problem, it is best to be evaluated by a urologist.  Good luck.


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