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Dr. Goldstein.
About 7 months ago, I pulled tighly in my penis for 2 to 3 minutes without stopping with a tight grip. Ever since then, the shaft of my penis (the entire inside) has been almost completely numb. I often have a hard flaccid penis, and it is harder to become and stay erect. From researching my condition, I have come to the conclusion that I permanantly damaged the nerves in my penis and suffered tissue death from a lack of oxygen/blood to the shaft due to my tight grip pulling outward on my penis directly below the penis head. I havent felt any return of feeling to my penis, and orgasms are only 20% as enjoyable as they used to be. My shaft seems to get a slight feeling back during the days I dont not masterbate, but it goes away once I get a hard erection, either manually or during the night as I sleep.
Have you ever heard of this happening? Do you think this numbness is permanent?

Bill, the numb feeling is due to bruising of the sensory nerves of the penis.  This is a very frequent occurrence especially in those who practice "jelquing" (which I strongly advise against).  In my experience, the numbness goes away on its own as long as there are no further insults to the penis such as from over vigorous masturbation or intercourse.  The use of a good quality lubricant (such as one of the silk lubricants) with any sexual activity will help reduce potential re-injury.  Also, I would ejaculate only in moderation until you are better (perhaps twice a week at the most).  The numbness typically goes away within one year but may last longer.  

It is not possible to do permanent damage to either the nerves or erectile bodies of the penis by gripping it tightly for several minutes.  Over time, you will definitely go back to your normal.  Good luck.


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