Hello Dr. Leslie,
Thank you for taking my question.  I have two concerns that Id love to hear your feedback.
The first deals with Frequent Urination.  Throughout the day I get the feeling I have to use the restroom and when I go very little comes out.  I had my prostate checked, doc said no issue there.  He put me on Antibiotics thinking I had prostatitis.  Still to this day I get the irritation feeling in lower stomach, upper thigh area.  What are your thoughts?

My second is premature ejaculation. This is something I struggle with and have seen my Urologist.  He wants me to get on an anti-anxiety, is there anything I can do to help with this naturally?  Im 31, eat pretty health and can do a little better when it comes to exercising.  Im 6ft about 170 lbs

Thanks for your help



Frequent urination can mean prostatitis, prostate enlargement, overactive bladder, scarring or a variety of other problems.  I would start by doing a 24 hour voiding diary to see exactly how much you void and when.  This information can really help.  I would tend to doubt from your description that you have prostatitis.  A urinary flow test and a post-void residual would be very helpful in determining what is going on.  For example, if the flow and residual are normal, then the problem is too much fluid.  

I can't explain the irritatino in the lower stomach or upper thighs.

Premature ejaculation is typically treated with either sex therapy by a certified therapist or one of various SSRI type meds that have ejaculatory delay as a side effect.  You were not given this drug for its anxiety effects.  There is no known way to treat this problem "naturally".


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