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This is shirisha from hydearbad,I have 11 months male baby first baby, he has horse shoe kidney.Sir iam giving the scaned reports datails below.

1. Please sir let me know whether my baby is safe.
2. How many years i have to take care of my baby.
3. whether it will effect in future.
4. what is the life time of my baby.
5. what type of dite i have to give.
6. After giving the medicins every thing is fine

Clinical Diagnosis: Left VUR with UTI

Renal cortical scintigraphy

Tracer:       Tc 99m DMSA,111 MBq(3 mCi) iv
Equipment:    GE Millennium MPR Gamma Camera with Entegra         Computer
Technique:    Scan was performed after an interval of 3 hours p.i.

Findings:   Overall clearance of tracer from background is
         good.Both Kidneys well visualized;They are fused in
         the midline at the lower pole-Horse shoe anomaly.

         Right Kidney show good extraction of tracer.
         Normal in size and shape. Distribution of trace
         within the cortex is uniform. No focal cortical
         defects noted anywhere.

         Left Kidney shows moderately decreased tracer uptake.
         Contour is irregular and distribution of trace in
         thecortex is grossly non-uniform with multiple defects.

         Split Function : Left Kidney     =31%
         Right Kidney   =69%

IMPRESSION :  Congenital horse shoe anomaly.
         Grossly scarred left kidney with moderate loss of          functioning cortex.
         Normal right kidney.



We cannot give you answers to all your questions as that would be actively practicing medicine on the Internet which is not allowed.  However, we can offer some advice and answer some general questions.

A horseshoe kidney is a congenital finding that by itself does not affect kidney function or future longevity.  In a horseshoe kidney, the two kidneys essentially fuse and fail to separate so they combined large kidney is unable to split and remains very low in the back of the upper pelvis and lower abdomen.  This is not dangerous by itself, but it makes any planned kidney surgery more complicated and difficult.

In the above report, one half of the kidney is working fine and the other half is not.  The abnormal side appears to have suffered some damage from scarring and infection.  This is most likely from reflux where the urine passes from the bladder backwards into the kidney which is not supposed to happen.  This is suggested by the title you selected although there is nothing is this particular scar to indicate reflux.  Another x-ray called a VCUG is usually needed to verify reflux.

Assuming reflux is present, usual treatment is to use antibiotics regularly and give the child time to grow.  In most cases, they will eventually grow out of this problem.  If it is severe enough or the infections fail to be controlled with prophylaxis, then a surgical procedure may be recommended.

At this point, it's a good idea to check with a full time pediatric urologist.  Such specialists are usually found in larger children't hospitals and university medical centers.


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