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Urology/Dull Pain in Testicle - Decrease in Semen


I have what feels like epididymitis (not a diagnosis, just what it feels like). I had epididymitus about 8-10 years ago, 2 to 3 times. I haven't had it since. I am now 36.

I have a dull pain in my testicle on my left side. Ache in my groin area on that side and in leg and also ache in lower back. What worries me is that when I had sex 4 days ago, I ejaculated much less than normal. There was some discomfort as well. Not pain, just discomfort. As the ache has worsened the past few days, I set an appointment with a urologist in the next few days. I masturbated to test my ejaculation this morning, and I ejaculated with far less volume than normal and even less than the other day which was less than normal as well. The semen also looked far less dense and more liquid than usual. This has me really concerned. This wasn't consistent with the past few times I had epididymitis as I ejaculated fine when I was diagnosed with that ailment years ago.

Is a decrease in semen volume consistent with epididymitis? Or is it some other ailment?

Other symptoms I have is frequent urination, especially after sex/ejaculating the last two times. Oddly, after I urinate, I feel like I might have ejaculate discharge after finishing urinating as I have to go a little bit more (or dribble out a little bit) when I normally would be finished. The discharge/urine doesn't look like semen or ejaculate (it could be), but just looks like urine. The feeling just reminds me of ejaculate is all.

Any advice here as to what this could be? Is it symptomatic of epididymitis? Really concerned with the ejaculation issue as it's different than what I experienced before.

As another sidenote, my daughter accidentally hit me in the testicles pretty hard a day before all this started. Previous to that time I hadn't ejaculated in 3 weeks (had sex with wife or masturbated), so was feeling pretty backed up. This would normally lead to excess semen when I next had sex, but as I mentioned above there wasn't that much and the ejaculation was uncomfortable. Please advise. Thanks in advance.


Semen volume has nothing to do with the epididymis.  The actual contribution from both testicles to the semen is critical but of very small volume; less than a drop.

There is not enough information to make a diagnosis and even if we could, we are not permitted to do so on this forum.  That is the responsibility of your local physicians.

However, your symptoms could be due to prostatitis which is an infammatory condition of the prostate.

I suggest you contact your physician and ask for an appointment.  Meanwhile, try avoiding caffeine and hot spices.  Also, try sitting in a hot tub.  Might help a little.


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