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Hello Doctor Leslie,

I'm 22 and I wrote to you a while ago about my injury and just wanted to get update you on my progress. Here's a summary:

About 7 months ago, I was stupidly dry humping with my girlfriend with my erect penis forced downward and I heard a pop. After this ligament injury, my penis became stiff when flaccid and erections were not as strong.

Fast forward 7 months later and the erections have improved in that they are firmer, and when I get an erection, my penis points above the horizontal. The problem is that when I move my penis while erect from left to right, I feel very little resistance as opposed to pre-injury where it was very strong. Another problem is that this stiffness still remains which you mentioned as an influx of blood flow.

My questions are:

- How much longer can a full recovery to pre-injury status take? When I asked you last, you said months to years, but when you say years, do you mean 2 even 3? Am I following the typical recovery process by my symptoms?

-Another less stressing problem is that, after this injury, a couple very thin blue veins appeared on the shaft of my penis. I have noticed that they faded a fair amount since it appeared months ago. Will it continue to fade away with time?

Thank you very much Doctor. If you need any more general information to make an informative guess, please ask.


Unfortunately, the degree and speed of recovery from these injuries is not predictible so I really can't tell you how long.

The fact that you've had some recovery is encouraging.

The veins may or may not have anything to do with your injury.  If they appear to be fading, then this will likely continue.


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