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Last November I underwent a cystoscopy where they found polyps in the urethral passage. Now I am still experiencing a dull aching (although sometimes throbbing) pelvic pain and it feels like its in a specifically to the right. Sometimes it feels as though its Urethral pain as well. Sometimes it feels like a pressure. This pain comes and goes. Some mornings I waking up feeling fine, but the pain develops during the day. Sometimes this pain kind of extends to my lower right abdomen as well. I would say that my appetite has decreased. At first I though this must have been healing pain but I don't think so. To date I have just been passed back and forth from my Gyno to my Urologist as they are not sure.

Any thoughts?

PJ, as you might imagine, for this type of problem it is not possible for me to make an exact diagnosis or give recommendations over the internet because of the inability to take a more complete history and do a physical examination.  However, I shall try to help you.

I am sure that the pain has nothing to do with the cystoscopy you had last November.  Likewise, urethral polyps do not cause pelvic pain.  By the way, almost all such polyps are benign and asymptomatic except they may produce local burning in the urethra or blood spotting on wiping.   

Therefore, we are left with a variety of disorders that might produce pelvic and/or abdominal pain.  These include problems with the uterus or ovaries (such a fibroids, ovarian cysts or tumors,etc) and GI problems most commonly inflammatory bowel diseases (such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, chronic appendicitis, etc.).  Urinary stones in the kidney or ureter can also give unilateral abdominal/pelvic discomfort and some urethral pain as well.  Although the pain of renal colic is typically severe and starts in the flank, it can be milder and be present without back pain.  Also make sure you don't have a simple local problem such as a hernia.  

If you have not yet had any imaging studies of the abdomen and pelvis such as an ulrasound, CT or MRI, I would suggest one.  If this is negative and your gyn and urology docs cannot make a diagnosis, consultation with a gastroenterologist is recommended.  Good luck.  


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