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I'm a 21yr old male from Maryland, currently not taking any medications.  A few days ago I discovered a small lump in the shaft of my penis while erect, on the top side just below the head.  I later found I could still feel it when I am soft, and it's pretty much in the same spot as it is when I have an erection.  The lump itself appears to be just under the skin; I can see it just underneath the skin as a dark dot.  As far as size goes it's pretty small, I'd guess somewhere around 2mm.

Steve,as you might imagine, for this type of problem it is not possible for me to make an exact diagnosis or give recommendations over the internet because of the inability to take a more complete history and do a physical examination.  However, I shall try to help you.
I had a very similar question a few days ago.  Therefore, I will make a copy of the answer and attach it to this note.  

What you are describing is most likely a type of benign inclusion cyst.  These typically originate in normal tissue planes and are, therefore, somewhat moveable and may be difficult to find when you look for them.  There are many other lesions that can present as tiny lesions in the penis.   The possibilities would include small areas of calcification or rarely amyloid deposits.  I am sure from your description that yours is not a case of Peyronie's disease.  In the latter, larger plaques of scar tissue form on the membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa.  Although totally benign, they can, on occasion, produce mild discomfort and curvature of the penis with erection.

Even with proper examination by a urologist, a definitive diagnosis could probably not be made unless the lesion was excised and examined pathologically.  In all probability, surgery would not be recommended unless the lesion began to grow, which would be very unlikely from your description.  If concerned, I suggest you see a urologist in consultation as you are much more likely to get a better evaluation for this type of problem than from your family doctor.  Good luck.  


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