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Urology/pain under left side of the penis shaft


QUESTION: Hello doctor,

I'm a 29 year old male. Last year I was masturbating while sitting on the chair with my legs on the table. Suddenly during a stroke I felt sharp pain in my left testicle (area). I immediately got it checked but nothing was found but I noticed that during erection the penis tilts a little to the right and my left testified doesn't hang as loosely as it used to be. It's sort of become stiff and touches the penis shaft. One year hence the pain is still there, especially when I sit or ride a bike and it seems to originate from near the shaft. I also feel numbness on the left side of my groin area during erection. Got it checked again from a urologist but he says it's nothing. Kidney and testicle CT scans are normal. But I know I must have damaged some nerve or something just under the penis and it's very uncomfortable. I'm unable to concentrate on my work and day to day activities.

Please help

Kind regards, Ranjeet

ANSWER: Ranjeet:

We don't have a diagnosis so there isn't much we can do.  Standard examinations are negative.  There could still be some injury or prostatitis, but at this point it may be impossible to identify anything specific.  You might now have some mild peyronie's whic might explain the tilt.  I cannot explain the numbness you've described during erections.

It is hard to imagine how you could have caused an injury to anything in the manner you've described.

When in doubt with these things, we will typically suggest getting another opinion or just trying some hot sitz baths.  These often help various vague pelvic discomforts.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Appreciate your quick response, doctor

Also, during erection I feel good stiffness on the right side on the penis. Left seems a bit numb. As doctors haven't found anything significant in the standard tests I wonder if MRI scan can reveal something? I also sometimes feel this numbness/tingy feeling on the left inner thigh.

I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions but in sure would understand.

Thank you again for you time and help

Looking forward to your valuable reply

Kind regards, Ranjeet


An MRI is not likely to show anything useful in the penis.  Since the inner thigh is also involved, it could be the genitofemoral or pudendal nerve that is involved.  You may want to start with a neurologist to determine which specific nerve might be affected.


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