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Hello, my name is John, Iím 22 years old. Sorry for my English Iím French. Almost three years ago I had my left testicle that was going up then blocked more and more often during sex and it was a bit hurtful. I needed to put it down manually every time several times. It was only during sex. I talked with an urologist he told me He could remove the cremaster muscle and there would be no consequences. Since this surgery I live a real nightmareÖ Iíve seen several specialists nobody was able to help me even some of them found a little part of the problem. Iím going to explain with details all the problems that appeared.

1) First of all I want to say I never felt any of these feelings before the intervention not even once in all my life. During sex I could do it for one hour and masturbation was about for 20 minutes but I could stop it whenever I wanted exactly. All the symptoms are 100% physical. ( One specialist even sent me to an expert sexologist, he listened to me for one hour and told me he could do nothing because the problem was totally physical)
2) Now I have premature ejaculation with about 40 seconds by masturbation and 20 seconds with a partner. I even tried with a sex toy itís also 20 seconds. I feel likes spasms in the penis, barely one second after erection I already want to come.
3) I have a sensation of inflammation in the urethra. Sometimes when this sensation is worse all the other sensations are worse.
4) Before the intervention I had a lot of sperm during ejaculation with about 6/7 ml. Now I have hypospermia I have about 0.5 ml, sometimes it can reach 2ml maximum. It is the same regarding the power/ distance, it was going far up to 50 cm about, now itís often 0 cm, sometimes it goes until 10 cm maximum.
5) The sensation of pleasure is almost absent during ejaculation.
6) During these last three years, there were 5/6 times where the symptoms were a bit better.
-Once I got a mesotherapy ( injection of corticosteroids) in the scar which one was painful almost every day( and the zone under the scar is painful too). Several sensations were better the evening. Then the following days the symptoms were worse, in particular the inflammation in the urethra.  I needed to do it like 4 times per day to calm the sensation of inflammation, there was like something that was pushing hard in the urethra zone that gives me the obligation to make it. As I said all the symptoms were still worse than usual, ejaculation in 20 seconds by masturbation etc. Sensation of anesthesia felt in the urethra during the two first days. Very severe pain felt in the felt in the testicle for about one hour. Then after about 10 days, it came back to the current status.
- The second time was after taking ĎíBactrimĒ, it can have other names such as co-trimoxazole ,TMP-SMX, Eusaprim . During the four first days 2 sensations were back to 100% normal: the quantity of sperm and the sensation of pleasure. However, absolutely no power/distance in the ejaculation, it was falling directly. The other sensations didnít improve.  The blood flows were strange in the penis. Despite taking Bactrim for three weeks it didnít change anything after the four first days. Then later it came back to the current status.
7) The bloods flows in the penis during erection are often strange, it is difficult to explain the sensation but itís not something normal.
8) The most important sensation that has disappeared is the sensation of maintenance. During masturbation when I was about to come I needed to stop one second for the excitation falls down directly and with a partner 2/3 seconds. It was the same when I was getting up, the excitation was falling down directly. Now there is nothing.
9) Before I was doing it rarely two times in a row because the penis was really hard during erection  the second time which was slightly painful. I could stand almost eternity the second time. I was never able to do it three times because it was painful but I would have come after several hours I think. ( (This sensation of  hardness and little pain  was a good thing it was a sensation of maintenance).
Now when I do it two times it doesnít change anything, three times, four times, even tried five times it doesnít change anything. I ejaculate always fast due to the other symptoms and I do not feel the sensation of hardness and little pain.
10) The vessels and other links holding the left testicle are very emerged and palpable unlike the right testicle.
11) Left testicle sometimes painful. When I barely push on it I feel often pain that goes up until the stomach.
12) Huge discomfort left side of urethra and penis.  When I push on the left side itís very sensitive unlike the right side so it accelerates excitation.  When I contract the penis the right side gets really hard unlike the left side. During sex the involuntary contractions are mainly in the right side not in the left side. Sometimes there is a painful point on the left side of the urethra when I push on it. The left of the penis side stays flaccid, hypersensitive and inflamed.
13) When I contract, the intern muscle of the left buttock stays amorphous unlike the right side.  When I go to the toilets there are contractions in the right side but the left side stays also amorphous.
14) I saw a doctor specialist in morphology, he told me my surgeon remove all the cremaster, even the part around the testicle. He doesnít understand why he did that. Maybe it irritates the testicle.
15) I did a MRI. After injection of gadolinium the pelvis zone is inflamed. My doctor pushed on my prostate it was a bit hurtful so thatís why I took Bactrim for three weeks. After I started to take natural products  in capsule in high quantity every day such as pumpkin seeds oil, curcuma, zinc, sabal serulataÖThese products are very effective against prostatitis and inflammation. These products didnít improve any sensation. After going back to my doctor the points on my prostate were not  more hurtful.  The prostate was not the problem. However, like all the pelvis zone is touched It probably touched a bit the prostate.
16) Besides I did a great deal of blood tests, semen culture, urinalasis, scans, etcÖthere is absolutely nothing.  Except in the MRI, where after injection of the contrast product we can see the pelvis zone is inflamed.
17) Strange sensation when I make movements of the pelvis  like tingling, in particular in the urethra. Making these movements accelerate inflammation.
18) The left testicle goes up and blocks in the inguinal canal like before the intervention during sex. It just goes less up and is a bit less hurtful. However, one of the 5/6 times where it was better the left testicle went really high and was hurtful like before the interventionÖ
19) When I walk I feel discomfort in the left testicle, kind of testicle full of water.
20) The left side under the scar and over the testicle, this zone is still swollen.
21) One of the 5/6 times when it was better, I pushed on the scar then I felt a painful point in urethra then it was back as usual. The mesotherapy was done in the scar then it was better the evening before it degenerates for few days. During the MRI, after injecting the contrast product, when they accelerated the magnetic waves I felt like electric shock around the scar.
22) Two months ago I got fever during two days. Since this moment I didnít get any morning erection while I was getting erection almost every morning.
23)All these disagreeable sensations appear every day.
24) I need only one second after erection to see if itís normal, letís say improved, because it never got back to normal 100%...
25) After a second mesotherapy with a lower dose ( due to the consequences of the first time) the sensation of power/distance was barely better just after then it came back to current status.
26)After going to see an Etiopath, after his manipulations the inflammation the urethra was lower but I couldnít get a total erection.  The sensation of maintenance was partially back. Finally I lost the erection. I waited for few minutes when I tried again. After getting the total erection I felt inflammation in the urethra then ejaculation in few seconds. After a second visit to the Etiopath it didnít improve anything.
27) One year after the intervention I got a stomach ulcer. Now itís cured but I still have stomach problems. When I pushed on several zones itís hurtful. I do not support any more alcohol which can makes me throw up after very low quantity. Sodas and juices make me feel nauseous. After talking to the Etiopath and specialist in Chinese medicine they told me that my stomach problem was due to my problem in the inguinal because it is directly linked.
28) Inflammation without doing anything can appear, kind od heat/ tingling the urethra that gives me obligation to do it several times in one day( itís something not natural). After doing it calms. Going to urinate can help to calm it a bit.
29) When I pull the testicle down I feel severe pain that goes up along the links that hold the testicle.  If I pull the testicle up  sometimes it can relieve.
30) Recently I have acceleration of cardiac rhythm when I do it. (Something not natural)
31) I went to see another specialist in Chinese medicine, he made me acupuncture with kind of candle on the stomach to activate some points that were linked. The day after it was better then it degenerated for few days the symptoms were worse and I had to do it like 4 times per day. I was obligated due to the inflammation which was making me do it, it was the only way to calm it.
32) Symptoms like inflammation and quantity of sperm got worse with the time.
33) Before when I was tired I had more difficulties to have ejaculation it could take a lot of time. Now it doesnít change anything.
34) Some things like mesotherapy, visit to the Etiopath, first days of Bactrim, acupuncture with sort of candle improved a bit the symptoms but now it doesnít do anything. It created a quick reaction the first time. Sometimes it even degenerated the situation.

Despite the improvement of some symptoms during rare occasions, one symptom never came back: during erection the left side stays flaccid unlike the right side, when I contract, the right side becomes really hard unlike the left side, same in the intern muscle of the left buttock that stays amorphous. In addition to the inflammation often existing in the urethra, all the left side of the urethra,  cavernosa, in particular between the cavernosa and urethra, are always inflamed, hypersensitive, and flaccid.
When I pull the right testicle down, the sensation of hardness and tension right side of the penis disappears. This means the cremaster muscle does something in the erectionÖ I met someone who made this surgery, he is today 73 years old. He told me he got the same problems than me all his life. I looked on internet and I saw other people with the same problems. The major part of these surgeries is done on young children who have extreme growth thus the body can easier adapt to fix things. Besides like they got this surgery since they are young, they canít see the difference between before and after so they will not complain.

All the system is completely whack, but this main symptom that never disappears could be really problematic because it does exist a correlation between erection and ejaculation.
There is nothing special written on internet regarding the cremaster muscle. These links can give a lot of information regarding its properties if it can help :

I really wish get back the cremaster muscle if he plays a role even small. Iím ready for anything, muscle tissue engineering, autograft, muscle regenerationÖ

After I think 75% of my problems come from the all system that is whack. I saw it exist stem cells therapy maybe it could work. But I donít know where inject the stem cells. Probably testicle, maybe internal and external spermatic fascia are irritated and other links holding the testicle too. The scar and the zone deeply under scar is probably touched.
I see some stem cells treatments can help ďerectile dysfunctionĒ. After I donít really have this problem even if I feel much discomfort on the left side, the problem must come from  deeply.
Here are two examples of websites :

I thank you very much for reading my problems. Again Iím sorry for the quality of my English like I said Iím French. I hope you can find solutions for my problem because itís a real nightmare. In addition of all the disagreeable sensations form the penis, pelvic zone and stomach, I canít have a social lifeÖ
Iím ready for anything,even if itís dangerous... I can go to any institue in the world.



Many of your symptoms have absolutely no reasonable scientific connection to the surgery so I can't really help.

There is no realistic value in stem cell therapy for a cremasteric issue.  We cannot repair the cremasteric as the tissue is usually destroyed.

There is also no clear connection to the erection and premature ejaculation problems.  Premature ejaculation in particular is typically an anxiety and nerve related issue.

Sorry I cn't be of any help.


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