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Urology/non orgasmic ejaculation


i had noticed in the past 2 years or so that sometimes sperm comes out when i defecate especially when i have a strain defecation  or a hard bowel movement i am 22 years old , healthy middle eastern man with not regular sexual life
do i have any prostatic problems like weak seminal vesicles or prostatic enlargement  ?
ps :my dad has a benign prostatic enlargement >55 years
please help me it is really embarrassing and i cant see a doctor

Dear Sir,
a first.let me tell you that you are completely normal person,you must know that prostate as organ is so close contact with rectum and when you strain .you put a pressure on the prostate(which is full of sperm due to irregular sexual activity),it begin to  discharge sperm in urethra,that phenomena is normal and occur with most of young men,
i hope that i helped you


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