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Hello Sir, I have a pain below my abdomen and above the penis area. I never had sex, this pain starts randomly and i faced it for around two weeks a month ago, took a medicine called "Mebever MR" and "Spasrid" it got well. I remember i had a tooth ache before that so while i was taking "ancid" medicine, this triggered the pain quite badly.

The pain varies, it's sometimes in the stomach, got an ultra sound done of upper abdomen but it was clear. I got an ultra sound done almost a month ago because the "ancid" medicine gave me a lot of pain in the stomach which persisted for two weeks. But the two medicines i mentioned helped me relieve the pain.

What can be the problem sir? At the moment it's paining above my penis area and below abdomen. Whenever i stand for a while it starts aching but while i sleep it gets better. Please suggest me a solution Sir.

dear Muhammad,
your complaint is vague and you didn't give much information but positive data you gave
  1) it relieved  by medication which treat  Irritable bowel syndrome
  2) the pain started in the stomach which is fit to also irritable syndrome
suprapubic area(the area above penis),any pain in bowel can refere to that site
    so it is  Irritable bowel syndrome until you do the investiagtion i will ask for
  1)complete urine analysis
  2)give me a history about urination and if there is any problem in it
  3)ultrasound  of pelvis  with measurement of post voiding urine


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