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I'm a healthy 36 year old male, who had surgery when I was five for an undescended testicle, The scar is very visible and raised. I have such strange sensations on the left side of my crotch where the surgery was performed, when I get aroused or have an erection. I cant explain it, the best way to describe it as a deep, itch I cant locate to scratch.

It gets super intense during any sexual situation and being aroused and it feels like it's going to explode. If I'm aroused, and then go soft, then aroused,the feeling is so deep, I just cant explain it. If I masturbate, the feeling really kicks in and well after I ejaculate, it's still persists.

Is it possible it could be nerve-endings from scar tissue? The exact area is left side, almost where my penis begins.

any ideas or insight?

Joe, as you might imagine, for this type of problem it is not possible for me to make an exact diagnosis or give recommendations over the internet because of the inability to take a more complete history and do a physical examination.  However, I shall try to help you.

Although your complaint is not one I have heard or read about before following orchidopexy, there basically are two possible causes that come to mind.  The first is that you may have some irritation of the nerves due to scar tissue - a so called neuroma.  The second possibility is that you have some inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostatitis, that is referring pain to the scrotum.  The latter is quite common.  To differentiate between these disorders, I would suggest that you see a urologist in consultation.  If he finds no specific cause for your symptom, discuss with him having the scrotal scar injected with a mixture of a steroid (one of the cortisone derivatives) and local anesthetic.  Then, when you get home, try and have sex (or masturbate).  If you have no pain during the act, the problem is local to the scar.  In this instance, periodic steroid injection may gradually resolve your problem.  Another option would be to have the scar widely excised but since all surgeries heal with the formation of scar tissue, the problem may recur.  However, if the injection does not help, you may have referred pain from prostatitis.  The urologist can determine if you have this and discuss a course of treatment with you.  Good luck.  


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