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Urology/Injured ligament on the penis?



I am very concerned about this issue and I'm hoping someone can guide me to the proper solution. I'm a 25 years old man in normal physical condition and It's been a while I feel mild to moderate pain, in several areas of my penis. Most of the time, I can feel a pain at the base of my penis always on the left side where the hip and penis meet. Sometimes, the pain moves like a line down the side of the penis towards the base, where it meets the lower pelvis. My penis is curved to the left but I always had this feature, I think it's congenital.

My girlfriend lives abroad so I didn't have sexual intercourse recently but i can remember when I woke up one morning  I tried to straighten my penis very gently and I felt a little pain in the groin. But nothing to worry about. After that I went to my basketball training and the pain was back, stronger. I decided to rest but I didn't pay more attention. I started to masturbate again 3 weeks later and since this moment I masturbate quite often. Well, I don't know if "Quite often" is the right word since I don't do it many times a day but I can spend several hours to find pornographic images that have the most impact on me. This means my penis regularly moves from the flaccid state to tumescence state during my researches. I start to masturbate only whern I found the right video but it can take several hours and this entails many "flaccid and erection" cycles. I would say I'm a porn addict but in a different way since I don't need to masturbate several times a day.

It doesn't hurt to walk but the pain comes and goes on its own especially when I touch the base of the penis, on the lower pelvis. The pain looks like a cramp or a sprain. There was no bruising, no bleeding, no fever and I didn't hear any "pop" sound.  I started to masturbate every 3 weeks now in order to rest but the pain always comes back. I fear I may have injured myself more doing so..Well I'm afiraid this behavior associated with the 1st incident is the cause of my injury. I try to rest as much as I can but since I avoid any masturbation, I happen to have wet dreams and I'm pretty sure that this associated with my nocturnal erections compromise the healing process.

I went to my radiologist t in order to make an echography but he didn't notice anything. May I have injured a ligament or maybe is it a thrombosis? Is that something that heals on its own or am I going to require surgery? I ordered Kanabo Repair Extrem on Herbal Love but i don't which is the best between this one and Kanabo Nerves Fix?

I'm very concerned about this and I'm trying to find out what my options are. Your time and input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


An injured ligament or a thrombosis is quite unlikely.  Your symptoms are more suggestive of early peyronie's as there is already a curvature and some discomfort.  You should consult a urologist for a proper examination.

I have no knowledge or experience with Kanabo Repair and so cannot comment on it except to say that thsi is likely to be an  unproven, untested remedy for which you take full responsibility for.


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